INDUSTRY NEWS – Virtual Diamond Boutique re-brands as “VDB – Your Jewelry Tech Partner”


NEW YORK, NY – Virtual Diamond Boutique, the jewelry industry’s largest virtual marketplace and SaaS solutions provider, is rebranding as “VDB – Your Jewelry Tech Partner,” reflecting the evolution and expansion of its strategy, marketplace, and software solutions.

The strategic pivot from its roots as a pioneering marketplace to a versatile provider of SaaS solutions marks a significant milestone in VDB’s journey of driving innovation, efficiency, and profitability across the jewelry industry’s entire ecosystem – from suppliers, brands, and manufacturers to in-store and e-commerce platforms.

The rebranding and the newly redesigned logo more accurately represent who the company is today. VDB is the only jewelry industry technology company that operates both a marketplace and a jewelry SaaS solutions firm, regularly developing a full suite of apps to support sales and supply chain needs.

INDUSTRY NEWS – Virtual Diamond Boutique re-brands as “VDB – Your Jewelry Tech Partner”

Concurrently with the company-wide rebranding, VDB is also enhancing its digital marketplace. VDB 2.0 will launch simultaneously with the new logo and represents a completely overhauled and flexible, customizable user interface and user experience. Updates include voice and text search functionality, enhanced language support (including right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew), modernized systems for favorites, quoting, sharing, and order management, and more.

“VDB is redefining what it means to be a technology partner in the jewelry sector,” says CEO and co-founder Tanya Nisguretsky. “Our evolution reflects a deep understanding of the industry’s needs, based on decades of jewelry industry experience. By offering customizable SaaS solutions that span the entire supply chain, we’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re helping our clients save money, increase profits, and transition into a new era of digital excellence.”

VDB began as a user-friendly marketplace for diamonds but quickly grew to become one of the industry’s tops destinations for buying and selling mined and lab grown diamonds, jewelry, and colored gemstones. It also became the largest B2B lab-grown marketplace in the world. Over the years, the VDB team never stopped developing software solutions to help usher the jewelry industry into a tech-enabled future. The company now offers a full platform of services for retail sales, inventory management, sourcing, and trading for both B2B and B2C companies.

While the name and look are changing, much at VDB is staying the same. VDB is still the same people, offering the same attentive service and intuitive, innovative solutions, from e-commerce integrations to custom apps. To learn more about VDB’s full suite of technology solutions for the jewelry industry, visit To make an appointment or request a demonstration, call +1 (212) 221-0975.