INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 to hold International Pearl Forum


INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 to hold International Pearl Forum

MUNICH, Germany, February 8, 2014 – Pearls will make a glamorous appearance on February 15 at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 – at the International Pearl Forum.
This will take place in Hall B3 Lifestyle – Trends & Vision.
Dealers, jewellers and scientists from the world’s most important markets will discuss pearl farming, price policy and environmental factors.
INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 is inviting the sector to the International Pearl Forum for the first time.
INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 to hold International Pearl Forum

International experts will discuss the future of the pearl. They are specialists from pearl farms, jewellery manufacturers and pearl scientists, such as Jacques C. Branellec (Managing Director, Jewelmer, the Philippines), Laurent Cartier (co-founder of Sustainable Pearls, Switzerland), Nick Kwan (Managing Director, Kwan Collections, USA), Julie Nash (PhD Fellow at the University of Vermont), Jörg Gellner (CEO, Gellner, Germany) and Till Schoeffel (CEO, Schoeffel Pearls, Germany).
Current topics like the increasingly critical environmental conditions in oyster farming and the struggle for fair trade in pearls are on the seminar programme – as is, for example, an overview of the global pearl market.
For this, Till Schoeffel invites his audience on a buying trip through the ‘pearl landscape’.
Questions to do with the world market are taken by Laurent Cartier. By means of several case examples, Laurent Cartier explains how the economic crisis has affected different markets.
Total sales of saltwater pearls in the year 2013 were estimated at US$ 397 million.
INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 to hold International Pearl Forum
An insight into the American market is provided by speakers Nick Kwan and Julie Nash, who specialize in consumer behavior with regard to pearls.
From Jacques C. Branellec, the audience can learn everything worth knowing about the gigantic color spectrum of the sumptuous South Sea cultured pearls.
Interesting too is the connection between environmental protection and the pearl – as an indicator that more will have to be invested in ecology and sustainability.
The production of the black Tahitian pearls or golden Palawan South Sea pearls from the Philippines benefits the ecosystem and creates jobs in the middle of the South Pacific.
Separately, in an interview before INHORGENTA MUNICH, Product Manager Renate Wittgenstein talked of the positioning of the show in the international trade fair market.
“In the coming years, we will develop the profile of INHORGENTA MUNICH further as a brand so that it continues to be perceived as a future-oriented and fashion-conscious trade show,” she said.
“Our aim is to position the show as a trend platform in the mid- to high-price segment for the long term.
“In addition, we would like to further enhance the profile of INHORGENTA MUNICH as a meeting point for contemporary jewellery and design.”
Wittgenstein said one third of the trade visitors to INHORGENTA travelled to Munich from abroad in 2013.
The countries most strongly represented included Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Great Britain.
But visitors from the USA, Russia, China, South America and the United Arab Emirates were also attracted to Munich.
The proportion of exhibitors from abroad rose from 37 to 47 percent.
“Through the modernization of Design Hall C2 and the new lifestyle focus in B3, we can specifically create incentives for further growth in this area,” Wittgenstein said.



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