INHORGENTA MUNICH: “Frenetic Fun”, “Dark Romance” are top jewel trends for 2013


INHORGENTA MUNICH: “Frenetic Fun”, “Dark Romance” are top jewel trends for 2013

MUNICH, Germany, February 23, 2013 – “Frenetic Fun” and “Dark Romance” are top themes in jewellery design for 2013, trends expert Irmie Schuch-Schamburek said.

Addressing a seminar at INHORGENTA MUNICH, she described “Frenetic Fun” as a mega-trend for 2013.

“It is spontaneity. It is creativeness. It is expressing your feelings, and breaking the mould,” she said.


The trend encompasses garish styles and flashy colours, for expressions of joie de vivre.

She said jewels by Esprit and Tanja Hartmann highlighted “Frenetic Fun.”

Schuch-Schamburek said “Dark Romance” has a dash of magic and mystery.

“A typical personality would be Oscar Wilde – the artists of the turn of the century (1900). It’s a very poetic trend.”

Jewels by Gers, Palido and Joop! reflected the “Dark Romance” mega-trend.

Schuch-Schamburek identified other mega-trends, such as “Nature-DNA”, reflecting economic themes such as the scarcity of raw materials and resources, and floral designs; “Technosensual”, combining technology with emotions; “Phantastic Fairy Tales” – escapism into other worlds, as demonstrated by the success of The Hobbit movie; and “Universal Inspiration”, the idea of being enclosed in a greater world, between science and spirituality.

INHORGENTA MUNICH ends on February 25.