INSIGHT – Wallace Chan reveals innovative approach to design and materials


INSIGHT – Wallace Chan reveals innovative approach to design and materials

By David Brough

LONDON, September 17, 2019 – Wallace Chan, at an exhibition in London, showcased extraordinary designs that combine the most innovative use of materials such as titanium and ultra-hard porcelain.

The Hong Kong-based jewellery artist, whose latest show has just ended at Asia House in central London, prides himself on testing the boundaries of his designs to the limit.

He has a fondness for using lightweight, colourful titanium in his jewellery and sculptures.

Chan, widely revered as one of the world’s leading jewellery designers, used super-hard porcelain in a selection of jewellery designs that blended colourful titanium with gemstones, creating a harmonious balance.

Wallace ChanWallace Chan piece combining colourful titanium and ultra-hard porcelain

He developed the Wallace Chan Porcelain, which he says is harder than steel, over several years.

The exhibition, which did not include items for sale, featured some pieces that belonged to private collectors.

During Chan’s stay in London, he gave a talk about his work and inspiration and attended the launch of a book by jewellery historian Beatriz Chadour-Sampson about the history of love jewellery.

Chan’s “Wheels of Love” earrings, made from diamonds and coloured gemstones, are included in the new book, entitled “The Power of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity.”

Wallace ChanWallace Chan