INTERVIEW – AMBERIF, whose next edition runs from March 21-23, is world’s largest exhibition dedicated to amber


AMBERIF, whose next edition takes place from March 21-23, 2024, in Gdańsk, Poland, is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to amber, the show’s curator Monika Szpatowicz tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

INTERVIEW – AMBERIF, whose next edition runs from March 21-23, is world’s largest exhibition dedicated to amber

What variety of products will the show offer?

The speciality of the AMBERIF fair is amber. The fair’s offer includes the TOP AMBER zone, bringing together leading manufacturers of the highest quality amber jewellery set in gold and silver. Apart from this, there are six zones, including the SILVER & GOLD zone, the DIAMONDS & GEMSTONES zone and the ART-ZONE.

Noteworthy is the DESIGN GALLERY, where you can admire premiere and unique collections by leading Polish goldsmiths and jewellers. We encourage people to visit the START-UP zone, where young designers of original jewellery make their debuts.

Those in the industry will be interested in technological innovations, which can be discovered in the TECH-ZONE.

AMBERIF has a wide and varied offer dedicated to manufacturers and importers of silver, gold and fashion jewellery, precious stones, suppliers of technological solutions, equipment for companies and jewellery showrooms.

How significant is the offer of amber jewellery at the show? Is AMBERIF a showcase for the most imaginative and cutting-edge amber jewellery designs?

AMBERIF is the world’s largest exhibition event dedicated to amber. It is a place where amber trends are created, a place of spectacular debuts.

Amber jewellery is the flagship of AMBERIF: it is what distinguishes our trade fair and makes it unique.

The Gdańsk cluster of companies, industry and academic institutions is the perfect environment for developing and implementing amber innovations. The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk has become a kind of laboratory for new forms, unusual material solutions and experimental styling.

It is here that future designers study CAD / CAM technologies and the most advanced methods of 3D printing, test the boundaries of the artistic avant-garde, but also seek ways to reactivate traditional crafts in accordance with the idea of sustainable design.

Amber is an extraordinary material and I hope that its symbolism, rich history and the ability of our designers to use it in modern and beautiful design will become an invitation to visit Gdańsk – the place where amber trends are created.

And the AMBERIF International Fair of Amber and Jewellery is the best place to marvel at the qualities of amber and experience its magic.

INTERVIEW – AMBERIF, whose next edition runs from March 21-23, is world’s largest exhibition dedicated to amber

Why is Gdańsk important for amber jewellery? Apart from the show, what other amber jewellery attractions are there in Gdańsk?

Gdańsk is the world capital of amber. It is in Gdańsk that all amber routes intersect, and it is also here that the historical tradition of processing this material continues, making up the unique atmosphere of the place and its material culture.

The Great Mill in the Old Town is home to the Amber Museum, containing the oldest examples of archaeological finds, spectacular artisanal artefacts, specimens of natural inclusions, but also a careful selection of works by leading artist-gilders from all over the world.

Among the most stunning exhibits is a prehistoric lizard – sunk in amber and found on one of the local beaches. It is worth mentioning that the museum’s headquarters – the Great Mill – is the largest mill in medieval Europe, built around 1350, and at the same time one of the largest historical buildings in Gdańsk.

The museum’s exhibition area is almost a thousand square metres.

On nearby St. Mary’s Street there are numerous shops, galleries and studios of contemporary amber artists, and throughout the city there are numerous references to amber heritage – such as the original football stadium, which resembles a lump of amber in shape.

What types of buyers is the show looking to attract, and from where? Why is AMBERIF a “must-attend” event for these buyers?

We want to attract owners and managers of jewellery shops, boutiques and galleries looking for unique products that will allow them to stand out in the market and jewellery industry players who wish to expand their assortment with new brands and products.

In addition, we want to attract manufacturers and companies looking for new suppliers of components, tools and technology or new distribution channels.

We are keen to attract designers looking for inspiration and materials or cooperation partners, as well as collectors looking for rarities, which they will find at our fair.

Buyers from most European countries, as well as from the Middle and the Far East, come to our fair. We are particularly keen on new buyers from the Scandinavian and Balkan countries, as well as the USA and China.

Our trade fair will be an excellent opportunity for all of them to have business meetings, make new business contacts, learn about industry innovations and make successful purchases.

What is important, at our fair the buyer can be sure that he or she is buying natural amber, as there is an Amber Laboratory operating on the fair grounds, which tests amber and amber products free of charge, providing buyers with certificates for the products that they purchase.

Moreover, AMBERIF offers a wide range of products and an extensive programme of accompanying events, a wonderful atmosphere and phenomenal jewellery.

INTERVIEW – AMBERIF, whose next edition runs from March 21-23, is world’s largest exhibition dedicated to amber

Will the show feature any jewellery design competitions, and seminars or educational opportunities in jewellery?

In addition to the strictly business aspect, AMBERIF is filled with attractive accompanying events.

The most important of these is the international competition for the design of jewellery with amber, the AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD, which has featured in the trade fair for 30 years.

Another important event is the AMBERIF SELECTION competition, which selects the best product presented at the fair.

The awarded work becomes part of the global advertising campaign for the next edition of the fair.

In addition, thematic exhibitions of artistic jewellery by Polish and foreign artists are presented in the Art Zone.

AMBERIF features preview shows, an extensive programme of lectures and presentations on trends in design, jewellery technology, amber and geMmology, as well as marketing and e-commerce training.

AMBERIF is a fashion show. 

AMBERIF is held twice a year – in March and at the end of August and the beginning of September – and exhibitors and buyers from all over the world meet at the modern AMBEREXPO exhibition centre in Gdańsk in search of unique jewellery, which is only at those times available in such a huge selection and in the best quality.