INTERVIEW – Board appointment of Pandora CEO will be valuable contribution to objectives of Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030)


The recently announced appointment of Pandora CEO Alexander Lacik to the Board of Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030) will be a valuable strategic boost to meeting the organisation’s objectives due to his extensive experience, WJI 2030 Executive Director Iris Van Der Veken told Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

What is the significance of the appointment of Mr Lacik for WJI 2030 and its objectives?

We are steadfast in our belief that the global jewellery and watch industry is presented with distinctive opportunities to collectively create a positive impact. Our primary objective through this WJI 2030 is to engage in meaningful collaboration with key stakeholders and spearhead progress across three critical pillars: building climate resilience, preserving resources and fostering inclusiveness.

In order to truly achieve this through collaboration, WJI 2030 has embedded the multi-stakeholder approach at the core of what we do, and more so, throughout its governance framework. We need to bring together knowledge and voices from inside and outside the industry and to jointly develop solutions in the most effective and inclusive way.

This requires working with all industry players as we all function in an ecosystem where trust and transparency are critical to deliver our promise to the consumer.

Consumer confidence is a shared responsibility that requires strong collaboration more than ever across all categories of jewellery.

That’s why we are, of course, very happy with the appointment of the CEO of Pandora, Mr. Alexander Lacik, to the Board, as Pandora is a global leading player in the jewellery industry.

INTERVIEW – Board appointment of Pandora CEO will be valuable contribution to objectives of Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030)

Pandora CEO Alexander Lacik

What will this mean for WJI 2030 going forward?

We believe Mr. Lacik’s appointment will bring a new perspective dimension to the strategic guidance of the WJI 2030 Board, and more specifically, that he will bring his extensive global experience and strong commitment to responsible business practices to WJI 2030, contributing greatly to its overarching objective. His strategic support will undoubtedly strengthen the industry-wide efforts to create positive change. 

Do you anticipate any further key board appointments?

The WJI 2030 has an 11-seat Board, with 10 seats now filled. As communicated in our 2023 Stakeholder Report, the multi-stakeholder approach is fundamental, and the voice of NGOs and civil society is critical to shaping the progress of the Initiative. The Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Committee is now fully operational. We look forward to appointing the Chair soon, that will also have a seat on the Board with voting power.

What are the top immediate priorities for WJI 2030?

Our key priorities for 2024 is to deliver results and report on concrete progress as a collective.

We have over 60 member companies today, and it is our priority to strengthen our members commitment to the minimum requirements under the three strategic pillars, and to advance our work by upscaling launched projects, moving from ambition to implementation.

This includes continuing our engagement with members on SBTi, their commitment and journey to setting targets. Upscaling our work on Gender Equality to a more transformational approach that looks at the bigger picture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

To support our members and the wider industry on the upcoming EU legislation, specifically the CSDDD, and the implications thereof.

And finally, to release the Industry Level Nature Roadmap that will acknowledge how our industry impacts biodiversity and how companies can assess their impacts, and build an action plan commensurate to their business size and nature.

As a final point, of course, transparency reporting, we have just concluded a year of preparation on building a reporting framework with ESG Book that is now being reviewed by Civil society. The implementation will start in Q2 2024.

INTERVIEW – Board appointment of Pandora CEO will be valuable contribution to objectives of Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030)

Iris Van Der Veken