INTERVIEW – Diverse goods, accessibility and education make GemGenève stand apart from other shows


A wide selection of goods, accessibility and education make GemGenève, whose next edition runs from November 2-5, 2023, stand apart from other shows, senior organiser and design curator, Nadège Totah, and Director, Mathieu Dekeukelaire tell Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

What will be new and different about the November edition of GemGeneve?

In our continuous effort to maintain the core concept, we collaborate with our partner, Autre Idée, to innovate the exhibition’s layout and scenography. This year, as a recurrent project since November May 2022, we’re showcasing Pearls in a dedicated exhibition The Pearl Odyssey, catering to both novices and experts.

We will highlight the Métiers d’art as well on a dedicated exhibition space where visitors and exhibitors will be able to meet, discuss and learn from our guest exceptional artisans.

Notably, the absence of the Vivarium Designer curated by Vivienne Becker in this edition aims to restore the event’s annual nature, with its return scheduled in May 2024.

INTERVIEW – Diverse goods, accessibility and education make GemGenève stand apart from other shows

What variety of offering will the November show deliver, and is the next edition fully booked with exhibitors? 

Exhibitors from around the world will showcase exceptional pieces, including antique and modern jewellery, precious stones, white and coloured diamonds, pearls, and coloured stones. Additionally, new designers will join those from previous editions, as we have always supported the contemporary scene since the beginnings of GemGenève.

The May editions remain the main ones with a higher participation. But comparing it to the Autumn 2022 edition, November 2023 will host a similar number of exhibitors, as it’s an additional event requested by both exhibitors and visitors.

What is your advice to potential exhibitors from around the world — suppliers and designers — who would like to present their goods at GemGenève but have not yet managed to do so?

Our selection process aims for a balanced representation of merchandise categories. Maintaining diversity is challenging, but it ensures that adjacent booths don’t feature similar items. While there’s a waiting list for November and May, new exhibitors, especially those offering unique items like opals for instance, stand a good chance even in their first application.

Regarding the Emerging Talents and the New Designers, we will most likely allocate them a bigger space in the upcoming editions. Therefore, we are open to receive more applications.

INTERVIEW – Diverse goods, accessibility and education make GemGenève stand apart from other shows

Why is GemGenève a “must attend” event for buyers and collectors from around the world?

GemGeneve offers a carefully curated selection of exhibitors, making it easy to explore the entire event. Even if the exhibitors exhibit exceptional gemstones, and/or museum-quality pieces of jewellery, some pieces or gemstones are affordable and would make a great “coup de coeur” purchase.

Furthermore, the event’s proximity to the airport and train station allows visitors to attend conveniently, even for a single day. We are trying our best to offer visitors and buyers a wide variety of high quality of goods and a very pleasant human-scale show to walk in and work in.

Finally, the event’s openness to the public fosters learning and interaction with industry experts, schools, breaking the secrecy surrounding this traditionally mysterious world.

With such a busy show calendar, what makes the event stand out from the other shows?

GemGeneve’s unique blend of a diverse, balanced selection of merchandise, its accessibility, and its focus on education and inclusivity make it stand out in the busy show calendar. It offers an intimate atmosphere where attendees can connect, learn, and discover exceptional pieces.

What is your vision for the evolution of GemGenève?

Our vision involves continuous innovation while preserving the event’s intimate atmosphere. We aim to enhance educational initiatives, foster international partnerships, and further expand the variety of showcased items. As we are continuously attentive to the industry’s needs, we might even consider organising a GemGenève event in a different location.

INTERVIEW – Diverse goods, accessibility and education make GemGenève stand apart from other shows



Serendipity Jewelry, France, one of the four New Designers showing at the November 2023 edition of GemGenève