INTERVIEW – Gembridge launches exquisite Rainbow of Sapphires collection


Digital marketplace Gembridge has launched its Rainbow of Sapphires collection, a showcase for fabulous sapphires in an array of colours. The top sapphire colours searched on Gembridge this year are teal, pink and padparadscha, Marketer Jason Hodges tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

“Gembridge Collections are curated by our own gem experts according to each theme. They are a great way to inspire customers and help them to find their perfect stone,” Jason said.

“Themed Collections highlight many of our standout stones amongst the thousands already listed on Gembridge.”

Gembridge Rainbow

What is Gembridge’s Rainbow of Sapphires?

This is the theme and title of Gembridge’s most recent curated Collection of stones for sale on Each Collection is compiled by our gem experts to make finding your perfect gemstone easier.

Gembridge Orange Sapphire

Many customers are inspired to view stones they may not immediately have considered.

Others have found this particular collection educational, telling us that they had no idea that sapphires come in so many different colours.

They are reassured that the gems in this collection have been personally selected by experts who are global authorities on coloured gemstones.

They have been chosen for their beauty and value – all you need to do is choose the one that’s perfect for you (or for someone special).

Our designers felt that a rainbow represented a fun way to help people explore the world of sapphires and think beyond ‘blue’. Naturally, there are no red ones! There are a few pinks and fiery oranges, though.

Tell me about the variety of stones on offer?

This is our largest Collection to date, with 24 single stones and a parcel of 6 fancy sapphires.

Colours we are featuring include pink, yellow, blue, teal, purple, orange, green and padparadscha.

Gembridge 1.91ct Sapphire

Prices in the Collection range from under USD 700 to over USD 50,000.

We showcase emerald-cut, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, and cushion-shaped examples, along with some fancy sapphires too.

Origins include Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Australia and Tanzania.

What feedback have you seen for this collection?

A 7.78 ct green sapphire has already been sold from this Collection – it was exactly what the customer was looking for.

Customers all over the world have viewed this Collection, particularly in the US, UK, India and Indonesia.

The Rainbows of Sapphire Collection is the most viewed Collection on Gembridge to date.

Gembridge 1.61ct Purple Sapphire

What trends are you seeing in demand for sapphires on Gembridge?

The top sapphire colours searched on Gembridge this year are teal, pink and padparadscha.

Gembridge 3.29ct pink Sapphire

3 to 6 carats was the most popular size to view, followed by 1 to 9 carats.

The average time spent viewing one particular pair of sapphires on Gembridge is around 20 minutes.

Amongst other stones, we have seen increased interest in alexandrite, ruby and spessartine.

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