INTERVIEW – Gembridge’s “Mega Gems” showcase is about size, quality and value


Digital marketplace Gembridge has introduced a “Mega Gems” showcase, offering size, quality and value, says Helen Molesworth, Head of Business Development, who curated the collection.

Helen, what is the Mega Gems showcase?


The concept behind ‘Mega Gems’ is exactly that – highlighting some of the stunning gems on in the massive sizes. Nearly all of the gems selected are over 60 carats, and several even in the 100 and even 200 plus range. With a couple of exceptions, they are all also extremely affordable: I have chosen gems that are clearly beautiful, but also leave a great impression for the price, starting at just $1,110 for an enormous 128 carat amethyst.

The collection really highlights the potential of collecting and buying eye catching gems without breaking the bank: and as always, there’s something for everyone. And with that in mind, all gems are available to “Friends of Gembridge”, our consumer arm, allowing collectors access to some of the best stones in the trade at highly competitive prices.Tourmaline

Prices range from a few thousand dollars for some very collectible aquamarines, morganites, yellow beryls and amethysts, all the way up to a million for the most extraordinary 143 carat colour change garnet! That one is the exception however. The majority of the gems are under the $20,000 — or even $10,000 — range, all in a variety of gorgeous colours.

Can you please describe a few highlighted gems? 

One of my favourite lots is actually the first in the collection: a really unusual pair of trapiche sapphires weighing over 120 carats. Trapiche gems – with hexagonal spoke-like inclusions growing through the crystal – are quite rare, and better known in emeralds. To find them in sapphires is ever rarer, and a matching pair of this size is fantastic. They would make an amazing pair of earrings. They’re unique.

The 141 carat pear-shaped tourmaline is also impressive for the size and vivid red colour, but I’m also very fond of the huge salmon-pink morganites (really affordable gems, even at 172 and 248 carats!) as well as the pairs, and the purplish pink kunzite of 78 carats. There are also various tourmalines and garnets in a variety of lovely colours.


What type of buyers will be attracted to this showcase?

Anyone looking for something super impressive will love this collection. It really is a showcase about size, but also quality and value. So perhaps you are looking to buy something that is more likely to hold and even appreciate in value as time progresses, or perhaps it’s simply about ‘bang for the buck’ and find a statement gem to wear that really stands out. Some of the tanzanite and morganite pear-shaped pairs would make incredible earrings for someone like this.


What is the appeal of larger stones? How can they be used by collectors or jewellery aficionados?

Sometimes it’s just about owning the gem like a work of art from nature: that the earth can create a crystal so large, and that we can fashion it into a beautiful gem of enormous size, is quite miraculous. Larger gems are a tangible store of value in this sense.

But wearing them too is an incredible honour, either a huge pendant (the rubellite would look superb in a statement necklace) or setting the pears in earrings (pink, purple, orange, green, and blue gems all to choose from here) would look incredible.

Is Gembridge planning similar showcases in future?

This is one of many Collections soon to be available on

We also showcased a gorgeous collection of brightly coloured gems for Spring earlier in April, and a series of collections are planned for the rest of this year.

If you’ve enjoyed this selection, keep logging in to to see the newest Collection chosen for you. We have some lovely gems on their way, always keeping the site live and worth checking back in for….

Helen Molesworth

Helen Molesworth

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