INTERVIEW – Italy’s WE ARE trade show to deepen communications between “Made in Italy” jewellery suppliers and buyers


WE ARE, a new OroArezzo digital event showcasing “Made in Italy” jewellery on March 23, will present synergies between the worlds of fashion and fine jewellery, Marco Carniello, IEG Group’s Brand Director, Jewellery & Fashion, tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough. 

Marco, what are the main objectives of the March 23 virtual WE ARE Jewellery event?

WE ARE provides new opportunities to our clients. It’s a great opportunity to keep communications flowing with international buyers and it’s an important milestone in IEG Group’s innovation path.

WE ARE Jewellery event

We are taking all opportunities to experiment and try several new initiatives. Many of those – probably all of them — will integrate in the coming years the experience we used to get in traditional shows before the pandemic.

What will be the main features of WE ARE?

By connecting to WE ARE, buyers will be inspired by high-quality videos very similar to what they usually see in the fashion world.

WE ARE trade show, Italy

While they are watching these videos on the platform (The Golden Jewellery Cloud), they can get all the technical details of the jewellery and, most importantly, they can connect directly with the jewellery producers. WE ARE focuses on fashion content and B2B features.

Who will take part?

More than 30 Italian producers from all the main production districts of the country will be presenting their new collections. Watching the jewellery will be buyers and journalists from all over the world.

Italy’s WE ARE trade show

Can you please elaborate on the synergies between fashion and high-end jewellery at WE ARE, and the use of 3D technology to present the jewellery?

The language of fashion is very effective in conveying certain feelings online. Very well curated videos will inspire professionals so they will look for more product details on the platform. 3D pictures and video will allow buyers to carefully evaluate the jewellery and directly connect to its producer.

How will WE ARE showcase the city of Arezzo, one of Italy’s leading goldsmithing hubs?

In 2020 we could not organise any physical event in Arezzo due to the pandemic. We thought it was important to restart from Arezzo and with a brand new project.

All content and videos are taken in a beautiful temple of fashion: SUGAR, the very well-known fashion store owned by Beppe Angiolini.

If you look at our WE ARE logo, you will spot that the letters “AR” are in a different colour – this in fact evokes the city of Arezzo (AR is Arezzo’s city code.)

In light of the impact of the pandemic, what is your vision for the future of international B2B jewellery trade fairs? Do you expect them to evolve into hybrid events, combining physical and digital aspects?

It will definitely be so. Hybrid is the next evolution stage of our B2B shows. More physical experiences, more digital connections (also before and after the fair), and more opportunities for everyone in the industry.



Marco Carniello
Marco Carniello