INTERVIEW – Jewellery Antalya in January to present relaxed business environment in beautiful resort


The second edition of Jewellery Antalya, taking place from January 7-11, 2022, will be a showcase for competitively-priced Turkish manufactured gold, silver and diamond jewellery, and will be a friendly social and networking event allowing visiting buyers to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful resort in warm, sunny weather, Ceyhan Hosgor, Board Member of the Turkish Jewellery Exporters’ Association (JTR), tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough. Mr Hosgor outlined the special features of the event in the following interview.

When and where will Jewellery Antalya take place? Why Antalya?

Jewellery Antalya will take place in the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya between January 7-11, 2022. We aim to make this annual gathering an opportunity to see our clients in a relaxed environment. This is not only for business but also a way to get connected in a social atmosphere — during meals or walking in the gardens or sipping drinks at the bar.

Our guests will have a fresh start for the new year, enjoying a vacation on the beautiful Antalya beaches, and seeing what Turkish jewellers have to offer for 2022.

Antalya gives us a fabulous environment for doing business, as well as 20-plus degree weather and outstanding hotels.

Jewellery Antalya

How many exhibitors will be at the show? What type of manufacturers/suppliers are they?

There will be around 75 Turkish suppliers at the show displaying their 2022 collections. The range is very balanced.

We will have gold jewellery manufacturers, wedding band manufacturers, diamond jewellery suppliers, as well as silver jewellery companies.

Overseas visitors will be able to place orders or make their purchases at the show and fly back home with the jewellery. This offering positions our show as the ultimate cash & carry gathering on the global jewellery scene.

Ceyhan Hosgor

Ceyhan Hosgor

Can you explain more about the positioning of the show?

This event will be a meeting of friends. Turkey’s Jewellery Exporters’ Association (JTR) offers 4-day, all-inclusive 5-star hotel accommodation and reimburses flight tickets.

We want our guests to take their new year vacations, possibly with their family members, and also get ready for the upcoming high season.

We are showcasing our displays during the day and organising incredible shows and entertainment in the evenings.

We want everybody to relax, enjoy themselves and spend a memorable time in Antalya.


How does  Jewellery Antalya differ from the offering of the Istanbul Jewelry Show?

The Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the biggest trade shows in the world. It attracts thousands of buyers and exhibitors from around the world and deservedly has a very important role in the industry.

Antalya is organized on a smaller scale and is offered to a limited number of buyers and to a limited number of Turkish suppliers.

We do not call Antalya a jewellery show but rather a gathering of friends.

What type of buyers should be interested in visiting Jewellery Antalya?

Antalya is open to all serious buyers of jewellery. We are interested in hosting wholesalers, chain stores and retailers.

Orders can be placed and on the spot purchasing will be available.

Jewellery Antalya

What are the strengths of the Turkish precious jewellery manufacturing sector?

We have a jewellery tradition that goes back 5,000 years, which gives us the strength of heritage and craftsmanship.

We have the largest manufacturing facilities providing us with the capability to cater to large and small buyers.

Turkish jewellers employ skilled artisans and highly trained individuals at all levels, giving us the capacity to adjust even in the most difficult times, as in the pandemic, and get the job done.

How competitive are Turkish jewellery exporters?

The world has never been this globalised before. This creates immense competition and you need to do the best job you can to survive and take a step forward.

We have been able to stay on top by investing in our employees’ training programmes as well as in our facilities and the technology that will give us the edge to be better, more competitive and the best in what we do.

Turkish jewellers adapt very well to their customers’ requests. We work hard to get the job done with the highest quality and excellent value.

Jewellery Antalya