INTERVIEW-Jewellery Antalya will be one of the first major international jewellery trade events of 2022


Jewellery Antalya, taking place from January 7-11, will be one of the first major international jewellery trade events of 2022 and will be a showcase for outstanding Turkish jewellery exports, says Mustafa Kamar, Chairman of Turkey’s Jewellery Exporters’ Association (JTR.)

Jewellery Antalya will create a positive and delightful ambiance for international visitors in the beautiful Mediterranean resort of Antalya as those participating in this jewellery buying mission delegation gather to take their first opportunity to restock after the festive season, Mustafa Kamar told Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough in the following interview:

Why is Jewellery Antalya a “must-attend” event for international buyers?

Mustafa Kamar: As a designing and producing industry, the Turkish jewellery industry is among the five largest markets in the world. On behalf of such a large industry with trade relations all over the world, we are holding the first jewellery buying mission of 2022 at Rixos Sungate Hotel in Antalya between January 7th and 11th.

Mustafa Kamar

Mustafa Kamar

Aiming to bring together 400 buyers from European and Eastern European countries, which are among the important export markets of the industry, as well as 82 countries in Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, the buying mission will bring jewellery manufacturers together with international jewellery wholesalers and chain stores that make high purchases.


In this respect, the Jewellery Antalya Buying Mission stands out as a “must-attend” event for international buyers.

Jewellery Antalya

What will be the main categories of goods exhibiting at the show?

Mustafa Kamar: 60 Turkish jewellery companies will be exhibiting their goods in the categories of gold, silver, diamonds, pearl, etc. in the Jewellery Antalya Buying Mission, the second edition of which is taking place this year.

Jewellery Antalya

How competitive is Turkish manufactured precious jewellery on the global market?

Mustafa Kamar: We have always said that the jewellery industry is a strategic industry. In the 11 months of 2021, we have achieved exports of approximately 6 billion dollars, and we will complete the year with a record. In the global arena, Turkey is a preferred jewellery market considering its geopolitical position between the East and the West, because we offer both production and design.

What will the atmosphere be like at Jewellery Antalya?

Mustafa Kamar: International companies will stay for four nights and hold bilateral business meetings for three days. Thus, leading industry players, who completed 2021 with record jewellery exports, will have the opportunity to exhibit their products at the Jewellery Antalya Buying Mission, while the guests will have the opportunity to get to know Turkish jewellery better.

Jewellery Antalya

What is the significance of the timing of the show – at the start of the New Year, after the festive season? Is this the perfect time for wholesalers and retailers to restock?

Mustafa Kamar: The Antalya Buying Mission stands out as the first international meeting of the year in the global arena. Bringing together 400 buyers from 82 countries with 60 Turkish brands in such a special event means a good start to the year.

Jewellery Antalya

What is the outlook for Turkish jewellery exports in 2022? Which markets will be strongest and offer the best growth potential?

Mustafa Kamar: As the Turkish jewellery market, we have an export target of over 6 billion dollars in 2022 just like in 2021. We are focusing on Europe, Asia and North America. We will continue to grow in the markets we target.

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