INTERVIEW – Jewellery Show, London (September 20-21) adapts to rapidly evolving retail


Jewellery Show, whose second edition will take place at ExCeL, London, on September 20-21, 2023, has tailored a unique fine jewellery offering that meets retailers’ needs in a fast-changing landscape, Show Director Lennox Addo tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.   

INTERVIEW – Jewellery Show, London (September 20-21) adapts to rapidly evolving retail
Photo © 2022 – ASV Photography Ltd.

Lennox, what will be new and different about Jewellery Show (JS) this year?

Trade shows in this day and age have to deliver value – we’re trying to find the right balance between entertainment and being informative for both jewellers and buyers to conduct business seamlessly.

We are planning to introduce “Showcase Live,” a new feature that allows an exhibitor to command the spotlight on them whilst they take the audience on a journey of their jewellery and why it exists.

What variety of offering will JS deliver, and to what extent is the show booked with exhibitors so far?

This year we have a wide variety of offerings where we’ve injected more brands into the show with the likes of Thomas Sabo, Sif Jacobs and Coeur De Lion to name a few which should allow retailers a wider offering as well as a host of new upcoming designer jewellers to visit.

Our objective is to highlight and trigger interest for retailers’ contemporary jewellery offering for their stores.

Our seminar programme has also widened the topics for discussion and really brought a sharp focused attention into AI and the digital aspects for what retailers need to know. The continuous relationship between natural and lab-grown diamonds and how the customer fits is another area vital for retailers to be aware of.

We are currently 89% booked and looking forward to an exciting show. 

Why is JS a “must attend” event for retail and wholesale buyers? Are you offering any incentive programme for buyers?

In order for any retailer to capture the imagination of their prospective customers they need to be able to reach out and find new supplies, new designers and exciting new manufacturers that they can work with.

Jewellery Show, London is that “must attend” event that ensures a visit can get you ahead and in the know, in the UK’s fine jewellery industry.

We are developing an initiative that benefits both exhibitors and attendees. Exhibitors can maximize their exposure and sales opportunities by meeting with interested and qualified buyers, while buyers get a chance to discover new products, services, and industry trends in a time-efficient and organized manner.

With such a busy show calendar, what makes JS stand out from the other jewellery trade shows?

Jewellery Show, London is the UK’s only fine jewellery trade show: if you are a retailer or wholesaler who wants a focused trade event dedicated across “everything fine jewellery”, i.e. loose stones, bridal and luxury jewellery, tools and retail solutions, lab-grown, silver fashion and contemporary designer jewellery, then only Jewellery Show, London is the perfect show for you.

We also focus on the ever changing, fast-developing landscape and the practicalities of today’s retail selling. As we adopt new aspects for selling, we present experts who can provide key takeaways for retailers to acquire and use firsthand knowledge.

What is your vision for the future evolution of JS, in the context of fast-developing AI and digital trading platforms?

The future evolution of Jewellery Show, London will likely be shaped by AI and the digital technologies, bringing about more accessible, personalised, and data-driven experiences for participants.

Embracing these advancements can lead to a more vibrant and resilient jewellery industry that meets the evolving needs of both buyers and sellers.

I can see aspects of this viewed across platforms such as: AI-Powered Matchmaking, Personalised Recommendations, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Try-Ons, Blockchain for Transparency, and Data Analytics for insights, all of which are in the not-too-distant future and something we are experimenting with, behind the scenes currently.