INTERVIEW – KGK Gems unveils extraordinarily beautiful and rare tanzanites and emeralds listed on Gembridge


Jaipur-based KGK Gems have listed on Gembridge, a digital coloured gemstone trading platform, some remarkable tanzanites and emeralds that high-end designers and dealers would be proud to add to their stock. CEO Prashant Kothari, who is the fourth generation in his family business, tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough about what makes these stones special.   

Jaipur-based KGK Gems is showcasing some extraordinary tanzanites and Colombian and Zambian emeralds, distinctive for their exceptional beauty, colour and quality of cut, on the Gembridge digital coloured gemstone trading platform.

One of the standout stones among KGK Gems’ listings on Gembridge (number #276) is a 9.71-carat unheated cushion shape tanzanite exhibiting a rich and intense blue colour with tinges of purple flashing through at certain angles, and flawless clarity, says CEO Prashant Kothari, who manages KGK Gems’ business from sourcing and manufacturing to export, and is Gembridge’s India Ambassador.


9.71-carat unheated cushion shape tanzanite
9.71-carat unheated cushion shape tanzanite (Gembridge lot 276)

KGK has a long history manufacturing tanzanites since the 1990s, and has its own sourcing unit in Arusha in northeastern Tanzania, near the tanzanite deposits, working closely with the small miners of the area.

“We were among the first to introduce tanzanite to the Indian markets,” Prashant said.

“Now we have our own distribution network across the US and Hong Kong, and we are well placed to serve the market in Bangkok and Japan.”

KGK is also offering some exceptional emeralds on the Gembridge platform, notably an exquisite Colombian emerald weighing 29.875 carats, which has an SSEF certificate describing its antique cushion shape, and brilliant/fancy cut, and another Colombian emerald, weighing 5.85 carats, with an SSEF certificate describing its antique cushion shape and brilliant/step cut.

“The 29-carat emerald is from one of our buying trips to Colombia: this gem is very exquisite with a rich vivid green colour and is very rare,” Prashant said.


“The 5-carat stone has exceptional high clarity for an emerald, which makes it an investment grade natural stone.”


Highly skilled KGK artisans intricately hand-carved a pair of Zambian emeralds weighing a total of 81.50 carats, listed as #763 on Gembridge, which would suit a high-end jewellery designer looking for something truly exceptional.

Zambian emeralds as rough
Zambian emeralds as rough

“On one of our buying trips to Zambia, before the pandemic, we found this exquisite emerald rough pair, which were very similar in colour and quality,” Prashant said.

Hand-carved Zambian emeralds
Hand-carved Zambian emeralds (Gembridge lot 763)

“We carved them into the beautiful pair that are listed on Gembridge today. Any designer client in the Middle East and the U.S. market would appreciate such a pair.”

Referring to the wide selection of remarkable tanzanites and emeralds listed by KGK Gems on Gembridge, Prashant said, “The stones listed are not only chosen for their beauty as gems, but what is important to us is to deliver a good deal and the best prices worldwide.”