INTERVIEW – Oroarezzo (May 13-16) offers “Made in Italy”, unique and “private label” creations in a glorious Tuscan setting


The May 13-16 edition of Oroarezzo, located in the splendid Tuscan city of Arezzo, offers an extraordinary array of “Made in Italy” gold jewellery, unique and “private label” jewellery creations to retail buyers, Global Exhibition Director Marco Carniello tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

INTERVIEW – Oroarezzo (May 13-16) offers “Made in Italy”, unique and “private label” creations in a glorious Tuscan setting

Leading the Jewellery & Fashion team for Oroarezzo, at Italian Exhibition Group (from left): Matteo Farsura, Exhibition Manager; Adelaide Ruzzi, Project Leader; Marco Carniello, Global Exhibition Director; Michela Amenduni, Marketing Manager.

What are the key strengths of OROAREZZO, and what is its main offering to overseas retail buyers?

Oroarezzo is the best platform for quality gold, silver and jewellery manufacturing. “Shaping jewellery ideas” is the new claim that positions the show as the event where ideas are translated into precious creations.

With an exhibition mix centred not only on the art of manufacturing excellence, but also on semi-finished products, components and tech, the event held from 13th to 16th May 2023 in the halls of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, provides the best response to market needs by offering the opportunity to define its own quality supply for the development of unique and “private label” creations.

The “cash & carry” area is aimed at retailers for ready-to-wear purchases in a seasonal showcase restocking opportunity. 

INTERVIEW – Oroarezzo (May 13-16) offers “Made in Italy”, unique and “private label” creations in a glorious Tuscan setting

Is OROAREZZO a showcase for “Made in Italy” goldsmithing manufacturing? What is special and unique about this market segment, in terms of craftsmanship and technology? 

The Tuscan city of Arezzo hosts the largest goldsmithing district in Europe, and has hosted more than three dozen editions of the Oroarezzo event as well. It stands out for the premium level of manufacturing, the “beautiful and well done” “Made in Italy” products, and is appreciated in all markets around the world. From consolidated export markets, such as Eastern Europe, the USA and the Middle East — but also South East Asia and South America, which are involved in a reinforced incoming programme for buyers, thanks to collaboration with ITA – Italian Trade Agency, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

What is distinctive about “Made in Italy” jewellery?

Innovation and “know how” in manufacturing, style and design, leadership in production, creativity and technology. Plus craftsmanship deriving from a centuries-old tradition. 

INTERVIEW – Oroarezzo (May 13-16) offers “Made in Italy”, unique and “private label” creations in a glorious Tuscan setting

What is OROAREZZO’s strength as a showcase for unbranded jewellery?

Oroarezzo brings together top “Made in Italy” producers for the development of new collections and private labels. The segment represents about 80 per cent of the world’s gold and jewellery production (according to “The State of Fashion. Watches & Jewellery report published by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company – 2021”) and is shown to be increasing considerably in the luxury and fashion sector.

Leading players from the Italian districts of Arezzo, Vicenza and Valenza will be the protagonists: according to 2023 data from the International Association of Department Stores (Iads), the average incidence of private labels on the total turnover of its members rose from 9% in 2019 to 16% in 2022. Consumers are increasingly inclined to choose this type of product and the big fashion houses are adapting: forecasts indicate that between 2019 and 2025, the annual growth rate for jewellery sold under fashion house brands will be 8-12% (Watches & Jewellery McKinsey report). Those brands look to Italy for their production.

It is an unmissable business opportunity also for those buyers focusing on solutions that enable the supply chain’s commitment to sustainable production and ethical certification. 

INTERVIEW – Oroarezzo (May 13-16) offers “Made in Italy”, unique and “private label” creations in a glorious Tuscan setting

What are the key differences in the offering of OROAREZZO and Vicenzaoro?

Oroarezzo focuses on gold, silver and jewellery manufacturing, while Vicenzaoro embraces the whole supply chain, including fine and high jewellery brands, watches etc.

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is developing the Oroarezzo show, which will enhance its offer and feature an even greater showcase of production exhibitors and tech companies. Work is in progress for an event brimming with new ideas: Oroarezzo will be enriched with new content and act as a platform for the jewellery industry’s manufacturing world, creativity and innovation, thanks to a programme of technical-scientific conferences.

Lastly, Première, the historic Oroarezzo competition is also back to award the best jewellery creations designed and realized by exhibiting companies on the theme of light. It will also shine the spotlight on new generations of goldsmiths.

What types of overseas buyers should be planning to visit OROAREZZO? 

The show offer can match in particular the demand of major brands, wholesalers and international retailers who are interested in “Made in Italy” design and innovation, manufacturing craftsmanship and commitment towards sustainability.

Specific services and networking events welcome buyers, and to maximize business opportunities, special discounts and initiatives involve local shops such as the Gold Days. And The Jewellery Golden Cloud online platform maximizes matching between exhibitors and operators before, during and after the show.

As a backdrop to the show, what is the appeal of the city of Arezzo, and Tuscany, for visitors to OROAREZZO?

Outside the halls, the extraordinary cultural and food and wine wealth of Tuscany offers a unique experience. The city of Arezzo, of Etruscan origin, is a veritable open-air museum, thanks to the work of some of the most important Italian artists, writers, painters and architects who have lived there: Petrarca, Giorgio Vasari, Piero della Francesca, just to name a few. And Florence is just an hour away and you can literally breathe in the glamour of the fashion and art of the entire region.

INTERVIEW – Oroarezzo (May 13-16) offers “Made in Italy”, unique and “private label” creations in a glorious Tuscan setting

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