INTERVIEW – Pure Jewel at Pure London will showcase sustainable, cutting-edge jewellery designs


Pure Jewel at Pure London is a brand new offering that will present the latest in sustainable fine jewellery designs and provide an exciting networking opportunity as pandemic restrictions ease, Show Director Gloria Sandrucci tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough. Pure London will take place from July 17-19, 2022, at Olympia in central London.

Gloria Sandrucci

Gloria Sandrucci

Gloria, what is Pure Jewel at Pure London?

Pure Jewel is a spotlight on fine jewellery and is a new destination that is going to be featured on the return of Pure London this July at Olympia. It is very exciting to bring fine jewellery to Pure London as fashion retailers have always come to Pure to source jewellery pieces and right now there is a gap in the market.

We will bring jewellery retailers to Pure London alongside fashion retailers, which means that jewellery suppliers will benefit from a much wider audience.

At (organiser) Hyve we have experience in delivering jewellery shows and have knowledge and relationships with key industry associations as well as buying groups because of the jewellery show in Birmingham alongside Spring Fair.

Pure Jewel

What will be the main kinds of jewellery featured in the show? Can you give a few examples of exhibitors?

At Pure Jewel retailers can find fine jewellery, silver jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones alongside the higher end of fashion jewellery pieces.

New designers to discover include Kitty Joyas, a London-based designer-maker who founded her business in Barcelona: her pieces are classics reimagined for everyday life. What I love about her is that she fully embraces a circular mindset and all her pieces are produced just 20 minutes away from her studio.

Cartergore will showcase a collection of beautiful, very creative silver pieces.

Georgia Wang is passionate about sustainability and her jewellery boxes are FSC-certified which means that no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce.

Kamenia, from Poland, is another exhibitor, to name just a few…

How do you see the synergies between jewellery and fashion?

Jewellery complements an outfit, makes it stand out, and makes it special, so Pure Jewel x Pure London celebrates the synergies between these two wonderful worlds that I am really passionate about.

This synergy only grows stronger as designs evolve and there is more innovation.

We see more and more collaboration between fashion and jewellery houses, and consumer trends show the mixing of finer higher price point pieces of jewellery and lower price points.

It is about being creative, bold and brave to express our individuality.


What progress have you made so far to book exhibitors? 

We have been really pleased with the response. Pure Jewel x Pure London is something special and something unique that retailers won’t be able to find anywhere else.

What steps are you taking to attract retail and wholesale jewellery buyers, from the UK and abroad?

We are working and partnering with key industry associations like the NAJ who are supporting their members to join the show and are helping us in reaching out to retailers. We have a VIP buyers programme — and we are looking to host key buyers.

We are in conversation with the buying groups here in the UK, and we are working very closely with our exhibitors to ensure we know who they want to see at the show. The majority of our retailers will come from the UK but we do expect international buyers too with the easing of restrictions linked to the pandemic.

Pure London

Can you outline a few special features of Pure Jewel, eg runways, seminars, panel discussions?

At Pure London there will be plenty of networking opportunities as we are not just a trade show.

There will be fashion-led catwalks that retailers, brands and suppliers can attend, and educational sessions.

We have confirmed Ed Burstell, former MD of Liberty, as a keynote speaker, and Alan O’Neill, who turned around Selfridges’ sales.

When you are at a trade show each moment is a networking opportunity as you do not know who is next to you and especially now, as pandemic restrictions have eased, the general feeling is the desire for in-person networking — and that is what Pure London is all about.