INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024


Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary at its January 19-23, 2024, edition, expected to attract buyers from around the world, will offer an extraordinary variety of jewellery, watches and accessories, spearheading design trends for 2024, and delivering a comprehensive seminar programme. Exhibition Director Marco Carniello, in an interview with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough, outlines the special and unique features of the coming show. 

INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

Marco Carniello

Marco, what variety of goods will be on offer at Vicenzaoro January, as well as T.GOLD and VO Vintage? What type of visitors is the show looking to attract? 

Vicenzaoro will bring together the best in the industry: more than 1,300 exhibitors, 40% of which from 37 countries around the world, representing the entire supply chain, with “Made in Italy” and an international selection of excellence coming also from Asia, especially China, Hong Kong, India and Thailand.

INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

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The Jewellery Boutique Show serves as a platform to discover the latest proposals, explore styles and designs, and be inspired by avant-garde designers. It includes high-end jewellery, goldsmithing creations, top-quality manufacturing, components, semi-finished products, diamonds, precious stones, contemporary watchmaking with distribution, services, visual merchandising and packaging.

T.Gold highlights in Hall 9 technological innovations for manufacturing and processing and will allow buyers to discover all the very latest ideas organised into six macro-categories: alloys and galvanic treatments, prototyping and digital production, mechanical processing, assembly and soldering, refining and recovery, finishing and tools. Next will be an ever-more international edition, with over 170 exhibiting companies from 18 countries, and 4 out of 10 from abroad.

The fifth edition of VO Vintage (open to the general public from 19 to 22 January in Hall 8.1) will be the largest ever: + 22% compared to the last edition. An all-round and inclusive event, the only one of its kind in Italy, it is structured to involve the public not only in the purchase of unique and valuable vintage watches and jewellery from a selected parterre of dealers, but also in educational meetings, with seminars, talks, masterclasses and workshops that focus on the passion for timepieces and are much appreciated by the community of watch lovers.

INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

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In terms of content, the inclusion of young talents and engaging conversations with authoritative and inspiring voices from the global jewellery community, will shape the future outlook for the industry. We keep our promises to the buyers coming from over 130 countries in the world: they will explore business opportunities at every turn, but also training, information and networking. 

Will there be some brand new exhibitors in January?

We will provide the visitor with several new entries. A periodic renewal of the product offer involves approximately 10-20% of exhibitors in each district, during every edition of the show, introducing fresh inspirations and ideas.

Just to mention a few, Facet from Spain will debut in the ICON district, top brand and an emblem of artistic jeweller Vhernier will showcase its sculpture jewellery in a luxury showroom on the first floor of the Expo Centre.

First time attendances in The Design Room, the special area dedicated to the creativity of the most sought-after jewellery stylists, will include French architect Michel Tortel with the Qitteri Paris brand, the daring imagery of Vicky Shawe, and the brilliance of Karen Suen’s gems. In addition, The Design Room will host the launch of the special project called “THE8”, featuring 4 young designers making their debut, guided by two exceptional tutors: Alessio Boschi and Alessia Crivelli.

Moving to the LOOK district, among other new exhibitors I will mention the renewal of the Glamroom, a showcase for easy-to-wear jewellery young and emerging brands. It will present creations both in gold and silver, with an area reserved for the brand new exhibitors (12 out of over 30). 

How will the show celebrate its 70th anniversary?

INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

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Vicenzaoro January marks a significant milestone for an event that has remained contemporary for seven decades.

Under the claim “The Heritage for Tomorrow” we will celebrate a longstanding tradition projected toward the future, and a unique identity that rests on the solid foundations of the goldsmithing mastery of the Vicenza manufacturing district, the banner of “Made in Italy” around the world. Over 70 years, Vicenzaoro has evolved into one of the world’s top B2B jewellery trade shows, adapting to the spirit of the times, and this success is attributed to the global participation of companies, customers, buyers, institutions, associations, media, together with IEG’s human capital. That is what we want to celebrate, all together.

We are working on many surprises, of course, to involve the entire industry, delve into the history of the world’s longest-running gold fair and share its legacy within the jewellery community. The heart of the celebrations will be an exhibition that retraces the 70 years of the show, set up in the halls and divided into seven stages, one for each decade. The show will kick off with a grand opening on the first day, placing special emphasis on the rich history of the gold fair, a celebratory logo features on all communication, and online content will be soon accessible to the entire community.

The events at the various editions of Vicenzaoro will also be part of the narrative, paying homage to the show and the evolution of jewellery itself, with the involvement of young talents and the in-depth examination of themes such as sustainability, innovation, training and international standards and engaging discussions with influential voices from around the globe, from CIBJO, which has invited in its panels speakers such as World Gold Council, Platinum Guild, De Beers, RJC, Watch&Jewellery Initiative 2030, to Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting who is bringing Bulgari among others. The main institutions and associations, companies, experts and opinion leaders will be there. To mention some more: Vhernier, London Jewelers, Bain & Co, etc.

And in September we will honour the most loyal and long-running exhibitors and buyers, highlighting their significant contributions to the success of Vicenzaoro. The success over 70 years is not the result of one or two exceptional individuals, but rather of the collaborative efforts of many – customers, buyers, journalists, and fair managers – who collectively built this extraordinary success story playing pivotal roles in our remarkable achievement.

INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

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Will Vicenzaoro January be a showcase for jewellery design trends? How will the show communicate upcoming trends?

Trends, as well as news, best practices, and formative discussions on the hottest topics of the moment, will be at the centre of an anticipated and stimulating schedule of talks, seminars, and workshops, making Vicenzaoro a true industry think tank with the contribution of experts, opinion leaders, and trendsetters. A moment of meeting and inspiration for the international jewelry community. Also design and creativity will be on stage thanks to the previews and new collections presented by exhibitors, a few areas some areas particularly devoted to creativity and experimentation such as THE DESIGN ROOM, the technological innovations improving jewellery production of T.Gold and so on.

What makes Vicenzaoro January a top priority event for international buyers?

Visitors attending are invited to explore and experience every aspect of the show, which we want to be a pivotal business hub and a reference for training, information and networking in the industry, on a global scale. Our aim is to provide retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, designers, professionals, media and every player a premium opportunity to evolve and grow its business and gain competitiveness on the market.INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

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What are the unique and special features of the upcoming show?

Vicenzaoro’s unique positioning is a mix of several distinctive factors. I’ll summarize some of them:

  • The show represents the entire supply chain therefore gives opportunities to buyers, companies and operators in every segment of the market
  • Vicenzaoro is traditionally known as “The show of trends”, being an incomparable showcase of product previews, new collections, creative insights and technological innovations (with T.GOLD)
  • It has become more and more valuable as a think tank able to bring on stage the most authoritative though leaders, experts and trend setters to discuss the most relevant topics and issues of the industry
  • It is a truly inspirational event, focused on human factor, connections and relationships
  • The unique setting of Vicenza – a city of arts & architecture, history, very good food and the beauty of the Land of Venice is also part of an unforgettable experience

And in 2024, of course, there’s an added value: you can join the celebrations of the longest-running B2B show in the sector and gather together with the whole world wide jewellery community. This adds a special dimension to the event for we want to thank all those who have contributed to Vicenzaoro’s success, an achievement that we believe to belong to everyone in our beautiful industry.

What are a few highlights of the seminar programme?

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary, many of the events will pay homage to the industry evolution, incorporating young talents and exploring themes such as sustainability, innovation, training, international standards. Just to give a few hints: CIBJO will focus on traceability, gender equality, sustainable impact; Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting will present its event-manifesto on the legacy of Made in Italy; we will explore the power of art in jewellery, design and creativity; the Jewelry Technology Forum will delve into digital and innovation. The full program is on 

What opportunities will the show offer for networking?

There are many networking opportunities at Vicenzaoro and they start weeks before the fair, on The Jewellery Golden Cloud app where it is possible to get in touch with exhibitors and plan the agenda of business meetings. Upon arrival at the airport, the Vicenzaoro Experience starts with free shuttle buses and services to reach the fair, the hotels and the city center, where our visitors love to get to know each other and build relationships. There are events such as the evening spritz on the fairground square, where to strengthen relationships with colleagues, suppliers, experts, and opinion leaders from around the world, or the VIOFF events downtown, which enliven Vicenza and make it brighter and even more welcoming for our guests. The Jewellery Museum with its fascinating journey into Italian jewellery, is hosted in the very heart of Vicenza, the Basilica Palladiana (Unesco heritage). 

What is the significance of the timing of the show early in the New Year? Is this the ideal moment for retailers and wholesalers to restock after the festive season?

Not only we aim to provide the market with the best product to restock after festive season, we also want every player of the industry to get inspired and get the most exhaustive and significant overview of all the news and trends of the year that has just begun. 

What tips can you offer visitors to organise their accommodation and getting to and from the show?

Check on the website all our suggestions, tools and services to build your own Vicenzaoro “Experience”. From the Luxury Hubs – “VO Approved” hotels, connected to the fair with free shuttle buses – and the connections to airports, to the desks for the booking of transfers, restaurants and hotels. All services can be consulted also on “TJGC-VICENZAORO” App, that is useful also to navigate the fair with an interactive map, follow events in streaming and much more.

Finally, what are the plans for constructing additional show space after the Vicenzaoro January edition? How long will the building operations last? 

In February of the coming year, immediately following Vicenzaoro, we will commence the renovation of our Vicenza expo center, which is anticipated to last until 2026. The project, developed by Studio GMP of Hamburg, involves the demolition of pavilions 2 and 5 (the oldest) to construct a new building of approximately 22,000 m2 on the same footprint, spanning two levels. The new construction will not only expand the available exhibition space but also enhance the organization of connecting routes between different pavilions, significantly improving the navigability of the neighborhood. Exhibitors and visitors will enjoy a modern and functional environment provided by a latest-generation building, improving the internal microclimate and the overall aesthetic quality of the interiors (from the height of the pavilions to the lighting and finishes of the structures); together with better exhibition and general services (easier set-up/dismantling operations).


Vicenzaoro & T.Gold

From Friday, January 19, to Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at the Vicenza Expo Center

VO Vintage

From Friday, January 19, to Monday, January 22, 2024, at the Vicenza Expo Center – Hall 8.1


NEW opening hours:

19-22 January: 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM

23 January: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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INTERVIEW – Vicenzaoro, celebrating its 70th anniversary, sets key trends for 2024

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