Lorenz Bäumer inspired by geometry


Lorenz Bäumer inspired by geometry

Lorenz Bäumer
Lorenz Bäumer
PARIS, July 3, 2010 – Paris-based jeweller Lorenz Bäumer says he is increasingly inspired by geometry in his designs.
He creates his pieces from a broad family of themes – gardening, poetry and architecture – and lately has been focusing more on architecture, new technologies and innovative materials.

“It is time to go back to things that are inspired by geometry,” Bäumer told Jewellery Outlook in an interview at his offices at 4, Place Vendôme, the most prestigious address of Paris’s fine jewellers.
“I love things which are very geometric.”
Around half of Bäumer’s turnover is bespoke business.

He also sells pieces to high net-worth clients at chic events around the world.
Some of his pieces, including his celebrated vegetable bracelet, are displayed at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in the Louvre district of Paris.

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Bäumer uses exceptional gemstones, and draws inspiration from technology and materials such as titanium which is a light metal that fits well into his cutting-edge jewellery designs.

He talked of his passion for outstanding gemstones.
“To me it’s all about falling in love with a stone,” Bäumer said.
“You fall in love, then you can build something around it.
“Lately we have been using coloured sapphires, like a painter would use paint and brush.”

Bäumer said his brand is distinctive because it is extremely creative and broad within the family of themes of gardening, poetry and architecture; it breaks the rules, and it is geared towards new technologies.
Beautiful jewellery
He said he would make no concessions to the soaring gold price by seeking cheaper alternatives, such as silver.
“I’m not going to go into silver as an alternative to gold, at a lower price,” he said.
“There are no plans to use any substitutes. We’re very high end, so there is no reason to change that.”