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London luxury goods store William & Son to offer Palmiero
LONDON, April 13, 2009 – Luxury goods retailer William & Son plans to offer Palmiero Jewellery Design pieces exclusively in the UK from the end of April.
The high quality of Palmiero Jewellery Design, a brand renowned for discreetly and harmoniously blending shades of colour in pave in limited production, fits snugly with the distinctive array of luxury products available in the recently refurbished William & Son boutique at 10 Mount Street in the upscale Mayfair district in London … Read More ››
Jewellery, Diamond, Watches Interviews, Jewellery News
Clogau jewellery has cachet of rare Welsh gold
March 22, 2009 – Wedding rings crafted from Clogau gold from the now inactive Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine in the Welsh mountains have been worn by British royalty including the heir to the throne Prince Charles.
Ben Roberts, Managing Director of Clogau Gold of Wales Ltd., tells Jewellery Outlook that Clogau gold jewellery is attracting increasing attention overseas, but there is little Clogau gold left … Read More ››
Sabido & Basteris blend technology and cultural heritage
Victor Sabido of Sabido & Basteris
March 15, 2009 – Sabido & Basteris have made a strong impact at recent international jewellery trade fairs for their innovative jewellery designs that fuse the latest technology with cultural heritage.
The company is highly regarded for its coloured silver jewellery designs. Jewellery Outlook talks to Victor Sabido about what inspires Mexico-based Sabido & Basteris – House of Design … Read More ››
Patrizia Siumara luna piena jewellery collection
Patrizia Siumara Via Montenapoleone jewels inspired by the Ocean
MILAN, March 8, 2009 – Patrizia Siumara Via Montenapoleone brings together two women who are great friends and share a vision for their hand-made diamond jewellery designs – inspired to a large extent by their common love of the Sea.
The jewellery lines of Patrizia Siumara Via Montenapoleone were launched in January 2007 after Patrizia Terracina from Italy joined forces with Siumara Meliti …Read More ››
Understated, elegant jewels in vogue – Yvel
Jewellery, Diamond, Watches Interviews, Jewellery News
MILAN, March 1, 2009 – International brand Yvel believes its customers want to buy discreet fine jewellery during the economic downturn.
“This is not the time to show off,” Yvel’s President Isaac Levy told Jewellery Outlook in an interview at About J, Italy’s most upmarket trade fair, which took place from February 22-24. Women want to wear understated, fine elegant pieces – but not ‘look at me’ pieces,” Levy added. … Read More ››
Jewellery, Diamond, Watches Interviews, Jewellery News
Rodney Rayner reports strong buyer interest at About J, eyes Baselworld
MILAN, March 1, 2009 – UK luxury jeweller Rodney Rayner said he was delighted with results at the upmarket Milan trade fair About J, reporting strong buyer interest and new U.S. clients, and said he saw the event as a useful preparation for Baselworld.
Rodney Rayner jewels are distinctive for their sumptuous, bold and original coloured designs. … Read More ››
Hulchi Belluni jewels inspired by Feng Shui
Jewellery, Diamond, Watches Interviews, Jewellery News
MILAN, March 1, 2009 – Hulchi Belluni owner Martine Hul gets the inspiration for her designs from Feng Shui.
“I believe that if you bring harmony into your life – and a lot of positive energy – then your can give positive energy through the jewellery to your customer,” she told Jewellery Outlook in an interview at the upmarket About J trade fair…. Read More ››
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Mattia Cielo uses light, movement and technology in groundbreaking design
MILAN, February 22, 2009 – Mattia Cielo’s upmarket brand uses the latest technology in combination with light and movement to appeal to the modern sophisticated woman who appreciates culture and the Arts.
Using the recognised design skills of Massimiliano Bonoli, Mattia Cielo’s unique pieces are a high-end alternative for the self-confident woman who spurns status symbols in favour of showing her appreciation for modern art and her own distinctive style…. Read More ››
Joyalukkas expands in Gulf, but US, UK plans delayed by downturn

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DUBAI, February 15, 2009 – The Joyalukkas Group, one of the world’s fastest growing jewellery retailers, is still expanding in the Gulf Arab countries, but has put its expansion plans for the U.S., UK and Singapore on hold due to the economic slowdown, its general manager says.
Joyalukkas, which mainly sells 22-carat gold and diamond jewellery, currently has 67 stores in several Gulf states and in India, as well as one shop on Green Street, a cluster of jewellers mainly serving the British Asian community in East London … Read More ››

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Saffronart holds India’s first online jewellery auction, an online auctioneer of modern and contemporary Indian art, recently held its inaugural auction of fine jewels and watches, the first of its kind in India.

The sale featured pieces ranging from strands of large natural pearls, to rubies, emeralds and diamonds set in finely designed jewellery. Also on offer were pieces by contemporary designers, limited edition watches, important gemstone-set pieces and fancy coloured diamonds…. Read More ››