Paola De Luca directs trend forecasting for Vicenza Fair


Paola De Luca directs trend forecasting for Vicenza Fair

Paola De Luca directs trend forecasting for Vicenza Fair
Paola De Luca

VICENZA, Italy, October 2011 – Paola De Luca, well known for her design trend seminars at trade fairs around the world, has begun a new role, directing trend forecasting for Italy’s Vicenza Fair.
In an interview with Jewellery Outlook, Paola talks about her plans.

JO: Paola, what is your new role and how does it differ from your previous position as Creative Director of trend forecasting group TJF?

PDL: Almost 10 years after I co-founded TJF Group with CRU of London, I left to join Vicenza Fair as Creative Director and Forecaster of Trend Vision.
It is a great opportunity for research and forecasting activities to have a platform such as Vicenza Fair.
The Trend Vision, Jewellery & Forecasting Division will focus on research into consumer attitudes, design directions, special events, and exhibitions.
Editorial products and special events will be launched in support of the jewellery industry.
The division will also focus on re-positioning “Made in Italy” branding as a leader in design and content.
JO: What will your main projects be, and in what new ways will you be collaborating with Vicenza Fair?

PDL: The Trend Vision pavilion, launched in May, will be our main focus, in addition to a series of travelling events around the world.
Vicenza Fair is redesigning the whole layout to be presented in 2015 reflecting the new format of a modern jewellery show.
Furthermore, there are plans for educational programs, developing an internal observatory and a visual archive.
JO: What steps will Vicenza Fair take to support young Italian designers, and how will this help the Fair’s promotion of “Made in Italy” jewellery branding?

PDL: Vicenza Fair has supported young designers since the launch of the “Glamroom” a few years ago.
At the last edition, in Trend Vision, the fair presented New Design Directions by emerging designers.
An international Design Contest will be launched in May 2012.
Many things are happening in support of youngsters and much more is coming.
JO: How does up-and-coming Italian jewellery design talent compare with that of other centres such as the UK?  Does Italy have sufficient design courses and training opportunities for aspiring designers?
PDL: In Italy we have various academic courses, such as the Politecnico of Milan where my colleague Alba Cappellieri directs the course, as well as IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan and Rome where I teach classes in Forecasting.
I also believe jewellery design is a talent that you may develop at fashion school.
JO: What is the future of the TJF Trend Book and magazine? Will the Trend Book be published as a Vicenza Fair publication?

PDL: The Trend Book will be the main marketing tool to promote our research and vision.
The Vicenza Fair will also develop other editorial products online and offline to promote the evolution of luxury and the jewellery sector in the market place.
Both the Trend Book and the Magazine are editorial tools that the Fair wishes to develop and invest in — as they have been doing for the last eight years.
Trend Book 2013, which has just been launched, is published by the Vicenza Fair.