Franco Pianegonda brings the world to his office


Franco Pianegonda brings the world to his office

VICENZA, Italy, September 12, 2011 – Franco Pianegonda, who has sold more than 130 million euros of jewellery since the late 1990s, has opened a new headquarters in the historic centre of Vicenza which reflects the variety of cultures around the world.
In an interview with Jewellery Outlook to mark the opening of his new office on the Piazza dei Signori during the VicenzaOro Choice trade fair, Pianegonda said that the world had changed fundamentally since the terror attacks of September 11 a decade ago.
Franco Pianegonda brings the world to his office

“We need to be open to other cultures,” he said.
“My office represents this diversity,” he added, pointing to statues and art forms in his office representing different cultures, such as a colourful Portuguese bird and a Greek statue.
“Today we are making a big frame in our headquarters with different colours bearing the imprint of people’s hands. This represents diversity. Vicenza represents the possibilities for the new era.”
Speaking of his jewellery, Pianegonda said, “We need to understand the emotions of women from the diverse cultures, in particular their sensuality and elegance.”



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