Introducing the Graff Wild Flower collection


In joyful tribute to the English Garden, modern femininity blossoms in the Graff Wild Flower collection. A vision of untamed femininity, realised with joyful irreverence and youthful daring, an abundance of floral jewels invites women everywhere to wear diamonds their way.

Introducing the Graff Wild Flower collection

Credit: Graff Diamonds

Distinct yet complementary, the pieces are designed to inspire exploration and liberated
self-expression. Flourishing in combination, the styles come together in one-of-a-kind bouquets that blossom at the ear, along the collarbone and across the hands, each as individual as its wearer.

The delicacy and uniqueness of Graff’s Wild Flower jewels demanded that its master craftspeople take a true high jewellery approach to the creation of each. Every last petal has been uniquely realised and placed to lift towards its wearer with extraordinary lightness, with the sculptural volumes and organic asymmetry creating an effect of blooming vitality, like a flower freshly plucked.

The Graff Wild Flower collection includes four styles of flower, in different sizes and arrangements, from trios and individual blooms to floral clusters and blossoms laid out in a row. Worn singly, paired in stylish asymmetry or assembled in extravagant bouquets, each one of the jewels is unique yet designed to complement its companions.