JCK LAS VEGAS NEWS – Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 launches the Nature Roadmap at JCK to address the nature crisis


LAS VEGAS – At the JCK Las Vegas Sustainability Summit on May 30, 2024, the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030) launched the Nature Roadmap, which provides a framework for businesses to act together in response to the nature and biodiversity crisis with guidance on the key steps that companies need to take – Assess, Commit, Transform, and Disclose.

The Nature Roadmap is the result of a collaborative effort between WJI 2030 members and leading industry and biodiversity experts. This comprehensive Roadmap distils information on available frameworks, leading practices, and expert knowledge, providing a clear path for companies to make meaningful contributions to biodiversity. As a living document, the Nature Roadmap will continually evolve, responding to changes in the nature-business landscape to remain relevant and effective.

Biodiversity is crucial for the watch and jewellery industry. All companies are dependent on the biological diversity, natural resources, and ecosystem services provided by nature. A clear understanding of the relationship between business, nature and biodiversity is a crucial first step. Recognizing this, WJI 2030 is committed to leading the sector in promoting sustainable practices that protect and restore nature.

JCK LAS VEGAS NEWS – Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 launches the Nature Roadmap at JCK to address the nature crisis

Discussion panel at JCK Las Vegas Sustainability Summit, moderated by WJI 2030 Executive Director Iris Van Der Veken.

Nature is in crisis. The entire world is losing biodiversity at an alarming rate and climate change is fuelling the loss of ecosystems. Risk analysis shows that businesses cannot survive without nature and its many essential services. The watch and jewellery sector are up against the same challenges. Extractive mining, chemical use in processes, water use in production steps all put our sector in a nature hot seat! Such dire analysis can make many feel at a loss: how can just one company single-handedly help invert the curve of biodiversity loss to a curve of regeneration and ensure resilience for the future?

Science and innovation can help businesses be one of the most significant contributors for generating a positive impact on nature and climate. In recent years, the need to act for nature has gained awareness and the international community has put it at the top of the list of risks and opportunities to embrace. Much hope sits in businesses’ particular capacity to help accelerate and scale systemic change for greater resilience.

 WJI 2030 is here to support its members and pave the way for the wider industry, regardless of their current progress in their biodiversity journey.

  • Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer, Kering

“All businesses, including yours, are dependent on the biological diversity, natural resources, and ecosystem services provided by nature. Our mission, aligned with the Convention on Biological Diversity’s call this year to “Be part of the plan,” is to prioritise building strong relationships with key stakeholders across industries, sharing knowledge, educating, learning from experts, and taking collective action. The WJI 2030 is supporting its members and the wider industry to be part of business efforts for nature, and contributing to the transformation we need to make, from depleting to restoring nature.”

  • Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director and Secretary General, Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030

The Nature Roadmap is designed to guide, support, and inspire organizations on their nature-positive journeys. It offers practical tools and insights to help companies integrate biodiversity into their business strategies, ultimately creating value for both their operations and the environment.

This initial version of the Nature Roadmap will undergo further expert consultations to ensure it remains a dynamic and continually improving resource. By involving our members and biodiversity experts in this ongoing process, the WJI 2030 aims to refine and enhance the roadmap to better serve the industry’s evolving needs. The consultation document and Nature Roadmap can be accessed via the link below:

The launch of the Nature Roadmap marks a significant milestone for WJI 2030 and its members. It reflects its collective commitment to sustainability and the vision for a future where business and nature thrive together.

For more information about the Nature Roadmap and WJI 2030’s sustainability initiatives, please visit Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (wjinitiative2030.org) or contact [email protected].

 The link to download the Nature Roadmap is:

Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 launches the Nature Roadmap at JCK to address the nature crisis and the role to act for the global watch and jewellery industry – Watch & Jewelry Initiative 2030 (wjinitiative2030.org)

 About WJI 2030

Founded by Kering and Cartier, Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030) is guided by the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We welcome companies and key stakeholders to join our movement to accelerate positive impact in three areas: building climate resilience, preserving resources, and fostering inclusiveness.

We believe our ambitious goals combined with our collective action will help accelerate change in the sector and beyond.

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