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Carrera y Carrera launches “Palacios del Sur” collection at Basel 
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
BASEL, March 23, 2010 – Luxury jeweller Carrera y Carrera has returned to its Spanish heritage with its new “Palacios del Sur” (Palaces of the South) collection launched at Baselworld 2010. The Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla lines reflect the latticed architecture found in the south of Spain, and celebrate the harmony in which different cultures have lived together in the region, says Carmen Saenz Varona, Brand Vicepresident of Carrera y Carrera. “We are trying to find … Read More
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Van Cleef & Arpels explores lost city of Atlantis
March, 2010 – Van Cleef & Arpels plunges to the depths of the sea to find the lost city of Atlantis. The Paris-based jeweller recreates the universe of this wondrous isle where Neptune reigned with his queen Cleita and their court of nymphs, mermaids and other mythical sea creatures. Fantastical beings, wondrous fish and extraordinary fauna arise from a great wave of freshness and imagination, to form a collection of fascinating jewels that reveal …. Read More ›
Henrich & Denzel launches Fiori at inhorgenta europe 2010
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
MUNICH, February 2010 – Henrich & Denzel, renowned for their use of platinum and diamonds, launched the Fiori collection at inhorgenta europe 2010, incorporating an extraordinary material, Corian. The Fiori collection features white Corian, a synthetic solid surfacing material, interspersed with platinum and white diamonds. “The combination of the pureness of white Corian with platinum, gold and brilliants enhanced the aesthetic appearance of Fiori,” … Read More
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Junghans Attaché Automatik presented at inhorgenta europe 2010
MUNICH, February 2010 – German watches company Junghans presented the Junghans Attaché Automatik, distinguished by a clear, sober design and fine mechanical movement, at the inhorgenta europe 2010 trade fair. Junghans, which considerably increased the size of its exhibition booth at inhorgenta this year, is now completing the Attaché range from the Meister Collection with the new Attaché Automatik mechanical watch … Read More ›
Mathematics inspires Babette Wasserman
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
LONDON, January 30, 2010 – Mathematics and geometry have inspired the latest cufflinks collection of UK designer Babette Wasserman, while interchangeability is a key feature of her new “Daisy Charm Collection” of jewellery. Babette’s new line of colourful cufflinks, made of steel and rhodium-plated base metal, have a myriad of mathematically inspired designs drawn from themes such as Fibonacci numbers, algorithms and the Union Jack… Read More
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
TOUS Spring/Summer 2010 Collections

NEW YORK, December 6, 2009 – Taking a page from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, TOUS’ Spring/Summer 2010 collections are sweet and whimsical while remaining true to the brand’s standards of glamour and elegance. With materials including unique stones set in pave diamonds and 18-karat black rhodium, TOUS provide the perfect mix of playful femininity and graceful sophistication in their newest collections … Read More ›
Chimento presents STRETCH collection in sterling silver
chimento Stretch collection
September 27, 2009 – Chimento has introduced the STRETCH collection, comprising bracelets and necklaces in sterling silver and natural stones. STRETCH represents the essence of Chimento style, combining timeless elegance and wearability, the result of exclusive, patented manufacturing techniques…. Read More
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Pandora Unveils Liquid Range in Sterling Silver
Danish jewellery brand PANDORA has launched its first Sterling Silver collection inspired by the flowing movement of water and architectural lines.
The LIQUID collection is designed by Mads Trolle and Lee Anthony Gray, who have captured the breathtaking fluidity and purity of water to create a modern and organic compilation of contemporary jewellery. …. Read More ›
Diamond Dimensions presents new diamond cuts

Lotus Cut
Ramat Gan, Israel, August 10, 2009 – Diamond Dimensions Ltd., a new diamond venture in Israel, is introducing several unique patented diamond cuts based on the Cross and Lotus shapes. Diamond Dimensions is also offering jewellers, jewellery manufacturers and designers the opportunity to have their own designs translated into unique black or white diamond gems. The Cross Cut interprets the eternal symbol of Christianity in five different designs … Read More ›
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Paul Morelli’s design inspiration evolves constantly

LONDON, August 2, 2009 – Philadelphia-based jewellery designer Paul Morelli says the inspiration for his gold, platinum and diamond fine jewellery designs never stands still. “The common thread is that I am constantly changing,” he told Jewellery Outlook in an interview at his cases at the prestigious Liberty of London store. Morelli, who has a gallery …. Read More ›
TOUS presents new diamond collection
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
July 26, 2009 – The Spanish jewellery brand, TOUS, presents a new and exciting signature collection featuring flat diamonds. Innovating conventional diamond cuts, this collection focuses on the raw beauty of diamonds. Thin slices of hand cut diamonds are laboriously created to produce one-of-a-kind pieces, revolutionising routine diamond cuts. Following a traditional and labour intensive technique, each diamond slice is … Read More ›
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Brosway unveils stainless steel jewellery collections
July 8, 2009 – Italian jeweller Brosway has presented four stainless steel jewellery collections, which are an ideal accessory for a cross-section of styles.
Morgana: With its extraordinary shapes, the Morgana collection is characterised by a contemporary design that projects it into the future….. Read More ›
VCA’s Magic Alhambra introduces colourful new look
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
In 1968, Van Cleef & Arpels created Alhambra, a long necklace in gold representing a stylised four-leaf clover with a contour of gold pearls. As time goes by, the House regularly celebrates this pure form and symbol of good luck by designing necklaces, rings, earclips or watches highlighting it; creating variations in the stones used (mother-of-pearl, onyx, turquoise, chalcedony…) and reinventing it with new collections such as Magic, Lucky, Byzantine and Sweet. … Read More ›
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Sabbadini’s Shades collection blends steel and diamonds
MILAN, May 26, 2009 – Sabbadini’s new Shades collection combines innovative steel mesh designs with precious gold and diamonds, appealing to the woman who wants something completely different, says Pierandrea Sabbadini.
“It’s not flashy jewellery – it is more chic and trendy,” he told Jewellery Outlook …. Read More ›
Meccaniche Veloci watches combine jewellery with engines
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
VICENZA, Italy, May 19, 2009 – Meccaniche Veloci has created a watch with a unique style that perfectly combines the world of fine jewellery with the world of engines.
The Quattro Valvole Podium NiteLite is made of 18-carat pink gold. The case embellished with diamonds has a diameter of 48 mm and weighs 156 grammes … Read More ›
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Morellato’s BUNCH Collection: contemporary luxury in gold and natural …
Morellato celebrates its gold and natural stone jewellery lines unveiling a Limited Edition product within its BUNCH collection. A yellow gold necklace embellished with five citrine stones, a tourmaline stone and a pearl becomes the jewel par excellence for next season. Available in just 100 pieces and on sale exclusively in Morellato single-brand stores, it is a jewel that interprets new contemporary luxury: rare and sophisticated, it enhances the ….. Read More ›
Turgeman Diamonds’ Unique Star Cuts Available through Internet
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
RAMAT GAN, Israel, April 26, 2009 – Mordechai Turgeman, master diamond cutter and creator of the unique “Brilliant Star” special cuts, has launched a new website to enable buyers to access the company’s complete stock through the Internet.
The site,, employs an advanced search engine to enable buyer… Read More ›
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Domo Adami showcases bridal gown with platinum details
LONDON, April 11, 2009 – Domo Adami showcased, in collaboration with White Sposa magazine, a unique bridal gown made with platinum fabric details, at La Dolce Vita, an Italian lifestyle event, held in London from March 26 to 29, 2009.
The ball gown, created by Mauro Adami, designer of Domo Adami, shines with its wide and soft double ruffled-tulle petticoat and its corset. The bodice is obtained draping …. Read More ›
GOLDAVENUE presents 4Nine and St. Gall collections
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
GENEVA, April 13, 2009 – GOLDAVENUE Haute Bijouterie brings the established European goldsmith tradition to a level of excellence, linking heritage and modern design.
GOLDAVENUE was founded in Geneva in 2000 by Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux, better known as PAMP, a leading independent refiner … Read More
ORRANA launches high-end diamond and gold jewellery collections from Israel
Ramat Gan, Israel, April 5, 2009 – ORRANA Jewellery, a manufacturer of high-end diamond and gold jewellery based in Israel, is launching two jewellery collections featuring original and imaginative designs. The ORRANA haute couture collection includes the ‘Fleur des Vents’ designs as well as the ‘Flocons Lumineux’ – all created from 18K white, yellow or rose gold and using the . … Read More ››
Cuba inspires Carrera y Carrera’s Azucar Collection
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
BASEL, March 27, 2009 – Cuba is the inspiration for the new Azucar collection launched by Madrid-based Carrera y Carrera at Baselworld 2009.
Drawing on the historic ties between Cuba and Spain, the Spanish firm goes back to its roots to design a group of sensuous pieces, of nostalgic yet glamorous modernness, worked in yellow gold, precious stones and pearls. … Read More
Enigma’s new line fuses traditional with tribal style
“Modern Ethnics” is a new line of jewels in silver, pink gold, and white gold with diamonds, by Enigma. Enigma, which has upscale boutiques in Rome and Geneva, is a brand of jewels and watches designed by Gianni Bulgari.
Why “Modern Ethnics”? “Ethnics”, because ethnic jewellery was traditionally used to adorn women, for its decorative features rather than its value, and “Modern”, due to the link to today’s tribal lifestyle, inspired by the design and decorative arts of the 20th Century. … Read More ››
From Worldgem to Cielo Venezia 1270

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According to tales handed down through the generations, the origins of the family of Sergio Cielo – the Vicenza businessman who founded Cielo Venezia 1270 and is now its president – date back to the second half of the year 1200 and to an illustrious ancestor, Cielo d’Alcamo. Cielo d’Alcamo is recognised as a first poet of Italian literature for his famous Rosa fresca aulentissima … Read More
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Picchiotti: A Rich Tradition Of Artistic Excellence with a Twist of Modern Style
Giuseppe Picchiotti made his first foray in the world of fine jewellery in 1967 when the Picchiotti atelier opened its doors in Valenza, Italy. Today he’s known the world over as a premier jeweller of Italy. Picchiotti’s deep understanding of jewellery and the industry, as well as his long-term commitment to excellence, and sound business ethics, are key factors in the continued … Read More ››
ZYDO: Innovative and fashionable designs

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The combination of classic and modern sophistication is the magical allure of ZYDO creations. ZYDO, created by Davide Zybert in 1972 drawing upon the knowledge and tradition of a family of diamond dealers, exhibits at the most important jewellery fairs worldwide and is committed to expanding into key markets in Asia and beyond, developing its retail presence … Read More
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Water Jewels Autumn/winter 2008 collection
This season at Water Jewels the catwalk comes to life with amazing sculptural pieces which enhance the latest trends, with dramatic colour combinations of persimmon and black and rich jewel shades to brighten up the autumn as the days grow longer. Strands of vivid pink, natural watermelon tourmalines, fading to shimmering Tahitian pearls, clasp around the neck to perfectly finish this moment’s strapless little black dress …Read More
Wearable art: Yvel’s limited edition jewellery collection
Latest gold, diamond and Jewellery Collections,
Yvel was founded in 1986 by Orna & Isaac Levy, continuing a family tradition of more than a hundred years in the creation of exquisite high-end jewellery designs featuring pearls and gold in various different colors. Recognising that a growing number of clients were looking for unique pieces of jewellery at the very high-end range, the company soon began to introduce limited edition collections … Read More

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