JEWELLERY DESIGN COMPETITION- HRD Antwerp launches jewellery design contest


HRD Antwerp has launched a global jewellery design contest, with the support of CIBJO (World Jewellery Confederation) and Vicenzaoro, a leading international trade event.

HRD Antwerp Design Award

There will be three categories in the competition this year.

Besides the classic categories of diamond jewellery and gemstone jewellery, HRD Antwerp added a new category: Accessories.

The theme of the competition will be “peace”.

The winner of each category will see the piece of jewellery they designed being produced, and will become a member of the HRD community with all its benefits.

Ellen Joncheere, CEO, HRD, said:”2022 is a year of disruption. Who can make more sense of this than our young and creative talents? Let them see how they give a face to hope and a more sustainable future. At HRD, re-inventing and innovation are at the core of our business. We are on a mission to innovate grading and to prepare a new generation on how to look at the quality, the value and the story of diamonds, gems and jewelry.

“More than ever, the time is right to turn this competition into a new direction and to do this under the patronage of CIBJO and with the support of our partner Vicenzaoro.

“In our build-up to our final event in 2023, we will launch, besides the competition, a new initiative that gives these designers the space they need to grow and become part of an incubator for design talent.”

HRD Antwerp is looking for new and creative talent worldwide and specifically in the USA, Africa and Europe.

“We encourage design schools, creative platforms, governments and artists to encourage young talent to participate in the competition and to represent their country, school, project or just themselves and grab the amazing opportunities that come with it,” HRD Antwerp said.

2,500 designers worldwide by 15th October 2022

In the latest edition, HRD Antwerp received designs from more than 800 candidates from 38 countries.

“This year, our ambition is to reach more than 2,500 designers worldwide,” it said.

“Designers can join the competition by sending in their designs through the HRD Design website ( until October 15, 2022.

The winners will be announced at a red carpet event on January 23, 2023.

An exclusive opportunity for young designers

The HRD Design Awards are a tremendously successful platform for young designers who want to make their mark in the jewellery world.

For the winners, it’s a marvelous opportunity to launch their own collection or to jumpstart their careers into the jewellery business.

Like Paola Strammiello, who won the competition in 2013 and became a senior jewellery designer with a high brand.

Paola Strammiello said: “In 2013, I participated in the HRD Design Awards with my Magic Mushroom Ring and became one of the winners.

“Winning that prize gave me great momentum. It was the much desired and needed boost that brought me to where I am today as senior jewellery designer for a high-end brand — and having established my name as a designer.

“I can only encourage all designers to grab this opportunity to showcase your talent.

“The feeling of seeing your work and your imagination come to life is the best feeling in the world.”