JEWELLERY DESIGNER – Stefania Indelicato is inspired by African souqs and human connections


By David Brough

Jewellery designer Stefania Indelicato, whose extraordinary pieces can be seen @ambersoukjewellery on Instagram, is inspired by the Omdurman souq, her upbringing in Africa, and her relationship with her mother.

Now based in London, Stefania presents her pieces as interpretations of her own life, often featuring “nomadic amber”, coloured gemstones and recycled gold.

Stefania strongly believes in a responsibly managed, sustainable supply chain, and is committed to the highest standards of jewellery making.

“My brand reflects my story, interwoven in the pieces I create,” she told Jewellery Outlook in a recent interview in London.

Stefania Indelicato

Stefania Indelicato

Stefania was born in Eritrea and grew up in Sudan.

She has many happy memories of visiting the souq in Omdurman with her mother and haggling with the traders.

“My mama and I would have wonderful banter with the traders whilst discovering their treasures… from nomadic jewellery to old trading beads, antique Persian carpets and antique nomadic amber,” Stefania said.

“Our chats would be conducted mainly in Arabic over many cups of coffee or mint tea. The dealers became good friends of ours,” she says.

Handcarved ebony ring in 14k gold with a pink cabochon tourmaline

Handcarved ebony ring in 14k gold with a pink cabochon tourmaline

“I would spend many Fridays at the souq, being inspired by its people, its colours, scents and sounds, and by all of our finds. My mother collected trading beads, and later antique amber that had arrived long ago along the African trade routes from the Baltics. I still use these materials today when I craft my pieces.”

Stefania’s mother, Franca, began her collection of amber and antique trading beads over 30 years ago.

“Now I am beginning to incorporate these materials along with ebony, in new collections I am creating,” Stefania said.

21k gold cuff inspired by nomadic jewellery

21k gold cuff inspired by nomadic jewellery

Stefania recently returned from a trip to Diani Beach on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya to visit Franca.

During her visit, she sifted through and photographed Franca’s collections of gemstones, ebony, amber and nomadic jewellery, in a celebration of her mother’s hard work in gathering the pieces — a creative designer in her own right.

“I reconnected with these pieces and re-lived a lot of the stories about them,” Stefania said.

Stefania brought some of the pieces back to London and plans to use them to craft a selection of one-off jewellery.

Stefania Indelicato is available to take bespoke orders. Please DM her on Instagram @ambersoukjewellery

Millefiori bead set in a 14k gold ring with diamonds and a ruby

Millefiori bead set in a 14k gold ring with diamonds and a ruby