JEWELLERY DESIGNERS – AI could revolutionise jewellery design


By David Brough

MUNICH, Germany – AI could revolutionise jewellery design, raising questions over creativity, employment and copyright, a senior jewellery historian said.

“AI will have more impact on jewellery design over the next 20 years than the internet had over the last 20,” Jack Ogden told a seminar at the INHORGENTA MUNICH trade show.

JEWELLERY DESIGNERS – AI could revolutionise jewellery design

Artificial Intelligence can improve efficiency: AI algorithms can perform precise simulations, helping designers to optimise the design and prevent mistakes early on in the design process, he said.

AI can also help optimise the use of materials in jewellery design, reducing waste and improving the sustainability of the process.

Artificial Intelligence can deliver cohesive designs rapidly, reducing human creative input, raising questions over the future of employment in the sector. It also creates uncertainties over whether AI infringes on existing copyright and whether one can copyright a design produced by AI.

“AI has the potential to revolutionise the jewellery design industry, by improving the efficiency, accuracy, and customisation of the design process, and enabling new possibilities for personalised and sustainable jewellery design,” Ogden said.

INHORGENTA MUNICH runs until February 27, 2023.

JEWELLERY DESIGNERS – AI could revolutionise jewellery design