JEWELLERY EDUCATION – UK’s NAJ launches JET qualification to improve leadership and management skills


The UK’s National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has announced the launch of its latest educational course, JET Management and Leadership.

This course is designed to prepare new and existing assistant managers and managers in the jewellery industry with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in management and leadership roles.

The new JET Management and Leadership qualification builds upon the solid foundation established by the widely acclaimed JET programme, offering a comprehensive portfolio of professional development within the sector. 

JEWELLERY EDUCATION – UK’s NAJ launches JET qualification to improve leadership and management skills

Empowering Future Leaders in Jewellery

The JET programme has long been the industry benchmark for jewellery training, guiding professionals from entry-level with JET Essentials to more advanced stages with JET1 and JET2.

The introduction of the new JET Management and Leadership qualification marks the next milestone in this career journey, targeting individuals ready to step into management positions.

The new JET Management and Leadership qualification integrates and enhances the training provided by the existing JET Management and JET Business Development courses, presenting a holistic learning experience tailored for new and existing assistant managers.

Marie Garnett, Head of Education at NAJ, highlights the importance of this new qualification, saying: “At the NAJ, we are constantly seeking ways to elevate the standard of education and training available within the jewellery industry.

“The JET Management and Leadership qualification is designed to ensure participants develop the soft skills and leadership foundations critical for successful management.

“We believe this cohort-based learning approach will foster lasting professional relationships and support networks.” 

Comprehensive Curriculum for Leadership Development

JET Management and Leadership spans nine months and blends face-to-face interactions with online learning, supplemented by activities, videos, and post-workshop content. The curriculum is delivered by an experienced leadership and management educator and includes an EQ-i 2.0 assessment to evaluate and enhance students’ emotional intelligence.

Key topics covered in the JET Management and Leadership qualification include:

  • Leadership and Management Fundamentals
  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management and AI
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Human Experience Management 

Join the First JET Management and Leadership Cohort

Enrolment for the inaugural JET Management and Leadership cohort is open until 15th September, 2024. The course will begin in October. Individuals will need to be in an assistant manager, or manager role to enrol. There is no requirement to have completed JET 1 or JET 2.

To learn more about JET Management and Leadership and register your interest, please visit,