Jewellery News – BrilliANT edition of Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair opens on January 29


BrilliANT edition of Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair opens on January 29

January 2017 – Antwerp’s diamond district is preparing to receive many hundreds of retail jewellers, leading designers, trendsetters and diamond buyers who will participate in the three-day BrilliANT, the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, at the end of this month.
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The eighth edition of the fair will be hosted in the historical diamond trading halls of the Antwerp Diamond Bourses.

It is a joint initiative of the Bourse, Club and the Antwerp Diamond Kring, and is powered by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

“For most jewellers in the US, Asia and Europe, the 2016 holiday sales season was significantly better than earlier years,” says Michel Schonfeld, of the BrilliAnt’s organizing committee.
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“Industry market analysts and marketing agencies all agree that the outlook for 2017 is positive, with diamond jewellery sales expected to grow.

“This bodes well for our fair, as we expect the invited jewellery manufacturers and retailers to replenish their depleted stocks for their production lines and stores!”

Schonfeld emphasized that the fair, to be held from Sunday, January 29 to Tuesday, January 31, is a unique introduction to Antwerp’s multifaceted diamond district.
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“By holding the fair in the trading halls of our bourse, we lower the threshold for new and returning visitors alike. In contrast to trade shows held in anonymous exhibition halls, here, in our diamond bourse buildings, and in the three streets that make up Antwerp’s diamond district, buyers get access to the totality of the undisputed diamond capital of the world and to a choice and variety of polished diamonds that is unparalleled.”
Jewellery News As always, visitors will also enjoy social events and a seminar programme. On Sunday January 29, visitors, exhibitors and members of the Antwerp diamond business community will be mingling, networking and enjoying dinner and entertainment at the Antwerp Diamond Night, sponsored by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).