Jewellery News – Domino’s “Scintillating Diamonds” – a sparkling gift choice for Christmas


Domino’s “Scintillating Diamonds” – a sparkling gift choice for Christmas

September 2014 – Diamonds are always a popular gift choice for Christmas and “Scintillating Diamonds”, Domino’s latest collection of mix-and-match pendant and earring designs which launched at International Jewellery London in September with a retail entry point of around £500, looks set to take the festive market by storm.

Domino’s “Scintillating Diamonds”
The collection in 18ct white gold comes fully finished with accent diamonds.
However, the unique selling point of the range is a central diamond, or diamonds, suspended on invisible wires which allow the stones to oscillate as the wearer moves to create additional interest and sparkle.
The total carat weight of the designs ranges from 0.16, for a solitaire diamond pendant, up to 2.31 for a pair of dramatic drop earrings.

Domino’s “Scintillating Diamonds”

All of the five different pendant designs are supplied complete with a 16” trace chain.
“You have to see this collection actually being worn to appreciate its full appeal. The hanging diamonds really do catch the light and make the pieces particularly eye-catching,” explains Domino’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt.
The 10-piece collection includes a number of popular, easy-to-wear shapes including cascading circles, a circle within a circle, and classic teardrops.
Domino’s “Scintillating Diamonds”
Already proving a hit with Domino stockists are some stud-style earrings in which the “scintillating” central diamond is housed in a lozenge-shaped gold frame which sits close to the ear.

With or without their matching pendant, the earrings are an exciting new twist on the solitaire stud.
“We have had tremendous interest in the ‘Scintillating Diamonds’ collection in the past few weeks since it was launched,” Sollitt said.
“The price points for these pieces are extremely competitive, and we anticipate that sales will increase further as we get a little closer to Christmas.”