Jewellery News-Extraordinary gems, unique silverware showcased at Goldsmiths’ Fair


Extraordinary gems, unique silverware showcased at Goldsmiths’ Fair

LONDON, September 29, 2013 – Spectacular rare gemstones and innovative silverware designs with a practical edge stood out during week one at Goldsmiths’ Fair in central London.
Wealthy customers mingled with designer-makers standing at their booths in the historic Goldsmiths’ Company building, near St. Paul’s Cathedral, which showcased jewels set in 18-carat gold and vermeil, and state-of-the-art silverware.
Goldsmiths’ Fair
UK designer-makers David Fowkes, Catherine Best, James Fairhurst and Ingo Henn presented hand-crafted jewels with stunning colour stones from around the world.
Creative cutting of unusual gemstone material is the focus of David Fowkes’s jewellery.
Working in collaboration with artisan stone-cutters, his designs have an intrinsic relationship with the gemstone material – each design seeks to enhance the natural beauty within the stone.
Goldsmiths’ Fair

Ute Decker’s design

Silversmiths Rebecca Joselyn, Brett Payne and Shona Marsh presented distinctive and innovative silverware designs for everyday objects such as candlesticks and mustard pots.
Rebecca Joselyn explores the functions of the objects she is creating.
Drawing her inspiration from our lifestyles of convenience and throwaway, she looks at the items we take for granted and discard from day to day.
Goldsmiths’ Fair runs until October 6, 2013.