Jewellery News – Jesper Nielsen has ambitious vision for Endless Jewelry


Jesper Nielsen has ambitious vision for Endless Jewelry

LONDON, September 2015 – Jesper Nielsen, founder of the world’s fastest growing jeweller Endless, has an ambitious vision for the brand as it expands internationally and sees Jennifer Lopez as a vital part of its future success.
In an interview at Endless’s stand at IJL in September 2015, Nielsen spoke of plans to launch Endless in major markets such as France and China.

Jennifer Lopez face for Jesper Nielsen
Jennifer Lopez, Actress and Singer

Jennifer Lopez would be the face of brand to spur further exposure

Jennifer Lopez being the global face of the brand and immensely popular as actress and singer, would help to spur success in South America from next year.

“Jennifer Lopez is very popular down there,” he said, before posing for his picture before a vast image of Lopez, a hugely popular celebrity who has captured the image of the bracelet brand.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jesper Nielsen leading Endless Jewelry to global expansion within two years.

Endless, formed under two years ago, has already opened in its 27th market and has seen a relentless expansion since its debut.
Its latest move was to unveil its first ever Silver Charm bracelet at IJL.

Silver Charm bracelet at IJL
Nielsen is travelling to some 50 countries a year, attending countless jewellery trade fairs to promote the brand since Endless launched to the trade with a bang at INHORGENTA Munich last year.
Nielsen is sticking to his message of delivering affordable luxury to consumers, focusing for now on the bracelets, with a keen eye for fashion.
“We are a fine jewellery brand reacting with the fashion world,” he said.
He is constantly studying trends in the global jewellery market, from design trends to use of different materials, and is open to all kinds of possibilities for the future, such as rings, earrings and greater use of precious metals, potentially including a gold collection if market conditions were right.

Jesper Nielsen, founder of Endless
Jesper Nielsen, founder of Endless

Endless Philosophy – total dedication with an appetite to take risks

The recent weakness in precious metals prices, notably silver, has benefited margins and opened up new paths for the brand’s future expansion.
Nielsen’s main focus, since his early days with Pandora, will continue to be jewellery, a market where he feels most comfortable.
“My core product is bracelets. I want to own the segment ‘bracelets’.”

Later, at a packed seminar at IJL, Nielsen talked of his experience as a Pandora executive travelling widely across Germany, and how he has applied some of the lessons he learnt at that time to the development of Endless’s brand around the world now.
He said that building a global brand required total dedication and an appetite to take risks.

 Segment Bracelets by Jesper Nielsen
Jesper Nielsen

“You have to be courageous,” he said, before leaving the seminar to jump on another plane. “And you have to work hard – really hard!”