Jewellery News-Strong turnout of retail buyers at expanded OroArezzo gold jewellery fair


Strong turnout of retail buyers at expanded OroArezzo gold jewellery fair

AREZZO, Italy, May 9, 2015 – Retail buyers from around the world, including leading markets for “Made in Italy” jewellery such as the United Arab Emirates and the United States, crammed into the exhibition booths on the first day of an expanded OroArezzo gold jewellery trade fair.
OroArezzo gold jewellery fair
OroArezzo showcased a record 650 exhibitors, a sharp increase of 35 percent over last year, in a brand new exhibition format and layout, and organisers said they expected some 500 retail buyers from around the world to attend the event, held amidst tight security.
Arezzo, as well as Vicenza and Valenza, are leading hubs of Italy’s centuries-old goldsmithing tradition, with a proud history of design excellence.
OroArezzo gold jewellery fair
Italian authorities see the May edition of OroArezzo as a priority hub for exports of gold jewellery, ranging from chains to exquisite gem-set jewels, and are vigorously promoting the fast-growing event to attract more retail buyers from around the world, notably from markets such as the UAE, Hong Kong and China.
OroArezzo is the only international gold jewellery trade fair in Italy between January and September, and is one of 30 exhibitions considered by the Italian government to be strategic for the development and promotion of the “Made in Italy” brand.
OroArezzo gold jewellery fair
“Made in Italy” is a term used to highlight the high-quality design and manufacturing skills from Italy, which used to be the world’s No. 1 exporter of gold jewellery and now faces severe competition as a manufacturing centre from countries such as India, which have lower labour costs.
OroArezzo gold jewellery fair
The Vicenza gold jewellery fair, VicenzaOro, is the other leading Italian event presenting the latest Italian gold jewellery designs to both domestic and international retail markets, and takes place three times a year, most recently in April when the first edition of VicenzaOro Dubai was staged.
OroArezzo announced a project, the “OROAREZZO Gold App”, expected to go live around October 2015, to bring buyers and sellers together online, thereby keeping business flowing year-round.
OroArezzo gold jewellery fair
OroArezzo runs from May 9-12, 2015.