Jewellery News – VICENZAORO Fall seminar discusses challenges posed by synthetic diamonds


VICENZAORO Fall seminar discusses challenges posed by synthetic diamonds

VICENZA, Italy, September 8, 2014 – A seminar at trade fair Vicenzaoro Fall discussed the challenges posed to international jewellery markets by gem-quality synthetic diamonds.
The seminar on September 7, which included participation by CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, was part of the trade show’s programme to enhance knowledge, provide updates and help formulate responses to challenges in the international markets faced by the jewellery industry.
The growing number of man-made diamonds in the marketplace could affect the reputation and perceived value of diamond jewellery.
Consumers typically consider diamonds to be rare and unique items, which were formed in nature under extreme geological conditions millions of years ago, but the fact that gem-quality diamonds can now be synthesised in laboratories or factories challenges that perception.
Gaetano Cavalieri, CIBJO President, said: “Consumer confidence forms the foundation of the jewellery business, and in this respect we need to be transparent and ethical.
“Synthetic diamonds are legitimate products but, in order to make a reasoned purchasing decision, the consumer needs to understand what they are and how they are different to diamonds that were created in nature.
“Detection, disclosure and consumer education are all essential.”