Jewelry News-BASELWORLD: Choices by DL showcases “jewellery wardrobe in a box”


BASELWORLD: Choices by DL showcases “jewellery wardrobe in a box”

BASEL, Switzerland, April 29, 2013 – Choices by DL showcased its “jewellery wardrobe in a box” at BASELWORLD – colourful, interchangeable jewels that can be worn with a variety of outfits.
The brand, exhibiting for the first time at BASELWORLD, reported strong enquiries and orders at its stand.
jewellery wardrobe in a box
Business Manager Monique Jongmans said that as the name suggests, Choices by DL is all about choice.
“Interchangeability really defines the brand,” she said.
“Every day you can change your ring to match your outfit.”
jewellery wardrobe in a box
Choices by DL has worldwide patents over the interchangeability of its pieces, using a magnet and a bayonet mechanism, Jongmans said.
“In the beginning people said, Okay I have a blue dress, so I will buy a new stone. Now they say, Okay, I have this beautiful green stone. Now I will buy a green dress,” she said.
“It’s a jewellery wardrobe in a box.”
jewellery wardrobe in a box
Jongmans said business had been brisk at BASELWORLD.
“Orders are coming in daily, so I am very pleased with that.”