Jewllery News-VicenzaOro Spring – Tirisi presents bolder colour-statement pieces


VicenzaOro Spring – Tirisi presents bolder colour-statement pieces

VICENZA, May 25, 2013 – Tirisi Jewelry presented bolder colour-statement pieces in the new Milano Due range at VicenzaORO Spring.
The pieces, featuring hand cut stones in a variety of bright summery colours set in 18-karat gold, are bolder than the previous Milano Uno range, which was one of Tirisi’s best selling lines, said Julian Rotstein, Managing Director of parent company IBB Amsterdam.

Tirisi Jewelry
“Tirisi Jewelry is aimed at triple A stores that have a lot of traffic but will not compromise on quality, image and styling,” Rotstein told Jewellery Outlook at his booth at VicenzaOro Spring.
“Because Milano Uno was so successful, we did a re-work of the line,” Rotstein added.
Tirisi Jewelry, the higher end range alongside Tirisi Moda, has named its collections after cities, such as Milano and Manama.
“We’re the fashionable jewellery for the rich,” Rotstein said. “Milano is the centre of fashion.”
Tirisi Jewelry
Tirisi pieces are always colourful.
“We are a colour statement,” Rotstein said.
“We are always clean lines and bold jewellery.”
Rotstein said that in times of austerity, colour becomes even more important.
“Because of the economic downturn (in Europe), if someone is going to buy something, they want to enjoy it even more.”
Tirisi pieces are escapist, Rotstein said.
“The escapism for us is the bolder design. Tirisi is a bold, chunkier look.”