JIS cancels 2020 shows


After careful consideration and consultation with the Miami Beach Convention Center, the San Diego Convention Center and public health officials, JIS has made the necessary decision to cancel their remaining 2020 shows scheduled to occur in Miami Beach, FL this October and in San Diego, CA this November due to the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early on in the pandemic, the Miami Beach Convention Center that houses the October event was converted into an Alternate Care Facility (ACF) to provide additional capacity for local hospitals, with an uncertainty around the date when it will be converted back to a convention center.

After reviewing other options of relocation and dates, it was determined that JIS has
no choice other than to cancel the October show, and move towards a virtual/digital
experience for customers.

The San Diego Convention Center has also been repurposed due to the pandemic through
the end of November, forcing JIS to cancel the San Diego 2020 show.

“Despite a strong and consistent desire for the show to take place from both retailers
and exhibitors plus the development of a comprehensive plan that focuses on the
safety of everybody planning to attend in person, it is clear that moving forward with
the JIS in-person events simply is not possible this year. We know thousands of
businesses rely on JIS shows for their inventory needs, which is why the entire team
is already hard at work to bring what people need most from our events directly to
their living rooms, smart phones, offices, storefronts, etc. Our 2021 events in Miami
Beach and San Diego remain on schedule and we look forward to being able to see
everybody in person next year,” said Jordan Tuchband, Industry Vice President for

Even though exhibitors and retailers are unable to meet in person at the physical events this year, JIS is already in the process of developing a virtual extension of its shows. This online extension would deliver on what JIS is most well known for, TRADE ONLY buying and selling of jewelry products and related services in ideal time frames for the jewelry industry. More details on this exciting new offering will be announced shortly.

JIS would like to express sincere gratitude to exhibitors, attendees, suppliers and staff for
their support during this challenging time, and looks forward to bringing the JIS community
together in a new, virtual way and in person at JIS March 2021 (March 22-24, 2021). For
more information and the latest announcements, visit http://JISSHOW.com.JIS cancels 2020 shows