Just Diamonds introduces Diamond Buying Software for the Retailer


Just Diamonds introduces Diamond Buying Software for the Retailer

The unique software allows the retail customer visiting a bricks-and-mortar jewellery shop to choose from a vast range of certified polished diamonds at highly competitive prices, director Dinesh Parekh, who is based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

Just Diamonds introduces Diamond Buying Software for the Retailer Dinesh, what is unique about your diamond buying software designed for the retailer?

It carries the retailer’s own logo. It has a shop-facing portal which the retailer can use with participation of the retail customer who is choosing a diamond, perhaps for an engagement ring. It gives the customer unrivalled choice, compared with the stock that a bricks-and-mortar retailer would typically have. Or that of any other diamond supplier.

This highly innovative software developed by Just Diamonds, gives the retailer all the information they need to provide to the customer freely on the spot.

The customer-facing portal displays the recommended retail price to the customer, within margins already built in which have been decided by the retailer via the “back office” portal.

The software, which shows availability, price and specification — and for most of the stock displays images and 3D videos which have recently been introduced — competes vigorously with other sources of retail loose diamonds on the internet, which tend to display a much more limited offering of stones. We have many more improvements and new features planned for the future.

Who supply the diamonds and how many diamonds are there to choose from?

Diamonds come directly from all over the world but mainly from stockholders, cutting houses and manufacturers in India, Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium and the United States. All our suppliers are vetted and so we know who they are, unlike diamond databases that list stock.

There is a live stock listing of over 200,000 certified diamonds. But this will increase as we grow. When we started we had just over 50,000 diamonds listed.

Are all of the available diamonds certified by respected lab groups?

They are mainly GIA, but we also have a small selection certified by IGI and HRD. We list EGL certified diamonds too. The list currently will not display diamonds which are below G VS2, certified by EGL.

Are the diamonds just natural white diamonds, or do you supply lab-grown diamonds too?

We only list natural white diamonds, but we are hoping to introduce natural coloured diamonds within the next 3-4 months if not sooner. We do not list or sell lab-grown diamonds. Currently we list diamonds from D to L colour and FL to Pique 1 clarity.

Is the software easy to use, or does the retail salesperson require special training?

It is extremely easy to use. Only basic diamond knowledge is required. The software works on every format, such as android, OS, mobile, PC, Laptop, Tablet etc. It just needs internet access. Many more unique features and products are planned for this software in the coming months.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The price you see in pounds sterling is the price the customer pays regardless of currency fluctuations and shipping costs.

How long do deliveries take?

Deliveries take between 4-8 working days but this will get quicker as we grow.

Can your service be combined with a bespoke solution to create diamond jewellery?

Yes. We are working on providing a data file which the retailer should be able to link to their website.

For a mini demo of the software please watch this 2-minute video https://vimeo.com/208260551/34fe3121dc

Please visit our website http://www.just-diamonds.com/