Just Diamonds presents unique diamond buying software designed for retailers


Just Diamonds presents unique diamond buying software designed for retailers

Just Diamonds offers a vast array of polished diamonds certified by respected labs, Director Dinesh Parekh tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

Q. What differentiates you from your competitors in term of your diamond buying software designed for the retailer?

A. Our software is white-labelled with the retailer’s own logo, so they earn the goodwill. The pricing is also more transparent.

If we get a diamond at a cheaper price, the saving is passed to the retailer, who has full control of margins.

This can vary, according to cost prices paid by the retailer.

No other competitor has software which allows the retailer to choose their own markup or allows them to use their own logo.

Software from competitors cannot be used on the sales floor in front of the retail customer.

Our software has two access platforms: one which is used on the shop floor and does not show cost prices. The other platform is a “back office” platform where the retailer can decide/change margins; choose level of access for each user; set up new users (staff); and see a dashboard which gives them details of all orders and inquiries.

We have more stock listed than any other single supplier, thus giving unrivalled choice.

Our prices include all postage, shipping and insurance charges. Just VAT to be added.

All international currency fluctuations are actioned immediately, so the price you see is the price you pay.

We also inform a customer if a diamond is not eye clean or if it is milky. This is normally the case with SI1 and SI2 graded diamonds. We endeavour to find them a replacement for the same price or little more but ensuring a better quality of diamond. We would rather lose a sale than sell a bad diamond knowingly.

Q. Have you increased your range of suppliers in recent months, and if so, by how much has your supply increased?

A. We are constantly reviewing the supply chain. Many things are taken into consideration such as pricing, days to deliver, quality of data supplied.

Q. How many diamonds are available to choose from – and what variety of cuts and colours are available?

A. On average this is about 200,000. Most have videos and images. If these are missing, we can request them from the supplier.

Q. Are all of the diamonds in your offering certified by respected lab groups?

A. Yes, we only sell certificated diamonds — mainly those issued by GIA, but we do list those from IGI, HRD, AGS and EGL. The stock we list on our software certificated by EGL is carefully chosen and grading above F colour VS2 only is listed. As you can see, we have full control of what stock is listed.

Q. The diamonds in your pipeline are all natural. Do you have plans to introduce lab-grown diamonds?

A. All of our diamonds are natural. Currently there are no plans to introduce lab-grown diamonds.

Just Diamonds Q. How much training is required for retail sales staff to use your diamond buying software?

A. The software is very easy to use. It is more important to have a knowledge of diamonds and the 4c’s and other factors that affect the price of a diamond such as fluorescence, spread etc. We can offer no obligation free training and demonstrations at your convenience anywhere in the UK.

This software is the perfect tool for diamond selling training as well.

Q. After an order is made, how long do deliveries take?

A. Most orders are fulfilled within 5 days but can take up to 8 working days.

Q. What other developments are in the pipeline?

A. We are working on auto ordering: currently we place orders manually with our suppliers. This will be automated within the next 3-4 weeks. Our customers will not see a difference but this will improve delivery times.

Within the next six months, we should have:

1. Matching pairs.
2. Fancy coloured diamonds.
3. Credit card payment options.
4. Auto invoicing, as well as other new features such as a guide to BGM (brown green or milky), which are not noted on the certification.

And potentially:

1. Rap prices (for those who want it only. We will not make this a default function as most don’t want/need it).

2. Melee stones.

This is the latest video. https://vimeo.com/208260551


“We’ve been using the software developed by Just Diamonds and we’ve not come across anything else similar within the jewellery industry that gives the retailer or diamond purchaser so much choice as well as clarity. We have been using the system for the last six months on a weekly basis and I have not encountered any problems with information, ordering, delivery or accounts. Our retail customers are very impressed that we have this – it really has made purchasing certified diamonds so easy.” Andrew Hirshman, Drakes Jewellery Director