Kohinoor Jewellers unveil Constellations collection to UK market


Kohinoor Jewellers unveil Constellations collection to UK market

Agra-based Kohinoor Jewellers, presenting the Constellations collection to the UK market, use exceptional craftsmanship, supported by state-of-the-art technology, Creative Director Milind Mathur tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

Q. Please tell me about the Constellations collection of Kohinoor Jewellers that you are introducing to the UK market.

Milind Mathur: This collection is an interpretation of the 12 star signs. The pieces are in the shape of constellations and our diamonds are beautiful representatives of the starsKohinoor Jewellers unveil Constellations collection to UK market

Q. Why will Constellations appeal to the UK market?

Milind Mathur: The designs are incredibly unique and very wearable. The pieces will suit all customers and are perfect for everyday wear, meaning they’ll make fantastic gifts.
The price points are also incredibly reasonable for hand crafted pieces using beautiful white gold and stunning diamonds. There is a huge trend in the UK for personalised jewellery so the wearer can personalise the piece by selecting their own zodiac sign.

Q. How important is the Indian heritage of the brand?

Milind Mathur: Indian heritage of the brand is extremely important to us, as the designs are created using different motifs from Indian heritage and culture. We fuse them with modern and contemporary sensibilities which allow us to create such unique pieces.
Kohinoor Jewellers unveil Constellations collection to UK market

Q. Please explain how the brand uses high quality craftsmanship?

Milind Mathur: Kohinoor Jewellers are driven by their highly skilled craftsmen and using state-of-the-art “new age” technology. The craftsmen work with precious stones and metals and bring uniqueness to the design, while the technology includes the latest 3D printers, laser soldering, laser marking, the latest wax injectors and finishing tools which all bring the high-quality finish. The jewellery also passes through a variety of quality checks until it is finally finished and packed.

Q. How does the design process work at Kohinoor Jewellers, and how was the Constellations collection created?

Milind Mathur: The design process is headed by Ms. Ruchira Mathur and Ms. Ankita Mathur who use various coloured gemstones and infuse life into the designs, which are inspired by crafts and motifs from Indian history as well as nature.

It begins with designs that are created by hand and then finished in CAD by a team of qualified designers.

The designs are also based around the beauty of the gemstones. We ensure that the importance and value of each gemstone is forever kept at the forefront of our minds.

Q. What other collections and pieces from Kohinoor Jewellers will be available to the UK market?Kohinoor Jewellers unveil Constellations collection to UK market

Milind Mathur: We have crafted a series of lightweight designs based on Celtic symbols, which are simple yet elegant and can be worn every day. We are also introducing our lightweight diamond studded jewellery and bridal collection in the very near future.

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