LABS NEWS – Pomellato announces acquisition of Valenza Setting Lab

MILAN – Pomellato has announced the acquisition of Valenza Setting Lab srl (VSL), a renowned stone setting laboratory based in Valenza, Italy.
Through this acquisition, Pomellato aims both to reinforce its manufacturing capabilities, specifically in the diamond and precious stone setting sector, and to support the international expansion of the Milanese jewelry house.
This additional manufacturing capability will build on Pomellato’s long-established artisanal know-how and mastery of goldsmithing since its creation in Milan in 1967, and will contribute to the growth of the company, by bringing the expertise of the 24 team members at VSL.
LABS NEWS – Pomellato announces acquisition of Valenza Setting Lab
Members of recently established Valenza Setting Lab (VSL) include the founders Marcello Monti and Gilberto Dentelli, along with a team of expert setters who previously worked for  Valenza-based company MG Incassatura, which had been an historical partner of Pomellato.
“This acquisition marks a significant step forward in Pomellato’s journey. The expertise of the VSL team in high-level stone setting will be invaluable in supporting our growth, especially in the thriving diamond and precious stone segment,” said Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato.”