LaMarquise introduces new ranges of fine diamond and gem set jewellery to UK retailers


LaMarquise Diamonds are launching new ranges of fine diamond and gem set jewellery in the UK market, in classic and versatile designs manufactured to the highest standards.

LaMarquise is a Dubai-based manufacturer and wholesaler employing more than 200 craftspeople including designers who have received awards from leading trade fairs, such as HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Fair, VicenzaOro and Jewellery Arabia.

LaMarquise offers high quality, white-labelled diamond jewellery to retailers, and is open to providing a “Brand in Brand” concept for high end retailers who wish to carry its brand.

The company uses state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring high quality production at low cost.

“A great deal of passion and attention to detail goes into crafting every piece of jewellery and our award-winning manufacturing facility ensures that we have perfected our craft,” says Shankar Ramnathan, Director of LaMarquise, who is driving forward the brand in the UK market.

LaMarquise is positioned in the mid to high end of the diamond jewellery market, using certified natural diamonds of VS clarity and natural gemstones.

The company offers a bespoke, tailor-made atelier service to independent retailers and delivers exclusive designs developed in-house upon request.

LaMarquise is primarily looking to be stocked by higher end family-owned independent retailers in the UK.

It can also be stocked by “multiple” retailers that sell high-quality diamond jewellery to their customers.

“LaMarquise intends to become a strong wholesaler of diamond jewellery with a huge ready-to-go stock available at any time for retailers,” Shankar adds.

While focusing primarily on the UK market, LaMarquise also has plans to roll out in Ireland, which has a strong base of high-quality diamond jewellery retailers.

LaMarquise sees the UK as a strong market for simple and classic designs in diamond jewellery, which it can readily supply.

The brand can also deliver more versatile designs to meet refined tastes for dress rings and gemstone-set rings, for example, thanks to its highly qualified design team.

“Not many wholesalers or manufacturers carry such exclusive designs and variety in this market,” Shankar says.

New collections

LaMarquise Orchid collection
LaMarquise Orchid collection

With spring approaching, LaMarquise is launching the “Orchid” collection with vibrant colours.

Exuding the feeling of a sun-kissed day, this collection is a cutting-edge, contemporary interpretation of gemstone-set jewellery.

LaMarquise Orchid collection
LaMarquise Orchid collection

“Using different shades, cuts and styles, this versatile collection is a great choice to dress up chic every day,” Shankar says.

LaMarquise is also showcasing its “AMORE” bridal rings collection which is off the shelf and ready to go.

LaMarquise AMORE collection
LaMarquise AMORE collection
LaMarquise AMORE collection
LaMarquise AMORE collection

“The designs are contemporary with brilliant diamonds and will be a tangible memory of an important milestone,” Shankar says. “The ‘AMORE’ diamond ring collection is a symbol of true love and lifetime commitment.”