LATEST COLLECTION – Andre Michael launches lab-grown diamond jewellery range in fancy shapes


Hatton Garden-based jewellery supplier Andre Michael has extended fancy shapes to its lab-grown diamond jewellery range for retailers in the UK and Ireland.

The rings, earrings and pendants are available in D/E-colour lab-grown diamonds in fancy shapes starting from 0.50 carats.

lab-grown diamond jewellery

Recommended retail prices for the lab-grown diamond jewellery range start from 999 pounds for the rings, allowing a healthy margin for the retailer.

“We had a very positive reaction from retailers to the round shapes in our lab-grown diamond jewellery range, and so we decided to extend the collection to fancy shapes too,” Andre Michael said.

“The value to the retailer is that the margins from lab-grown diamond jewellery sales are now very healthy, so we would urge retailers to order in volume, before margins fall as lab-grown diamond production is expected to pick up,” the company added.

The carefully curated Andre Michael collection comprises well-made designs with exceptional service to the retailer.

lab-grown diamond jewellery

Andre Michael has worked hard to make sure there is no risk of mixing up natural and lab-grown diamond jewellery.

The company has made absolutely sure that its manufacturing processes are watertight, so there is no risk of ‘cross-contamination’ between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds.

All of the lab-grown diamond jewellery in the Andre Michael collection is independently certified. The certification is engraved in the rings.

lab-grown diamond jewellery