LATEST COLLECTION – Berry’s Jewellers extends OPEIA collection to celebrate 125th anniversary


Following the launch of its special edition anniversary collection, OPEIA, Berry’s Jewellers has now revamped and extended the collection to include brand new drop earrings, ear crawlers and a ring, creating the new OPEIA Nova Collection.

As an extension to the original OPEIA Collection, OPEIA Nova has been redesigned, keeping with the celestial theme but with a ‘shooting star’ element within the collection as part of the new design.

With both single and double ear crawlers, both plain back and full diamond interchangeable drop earrings, and an open split ring, the OPEIA Nova Collection extends the celebrations of Berry’s Jewellers’ 125th Anniversary, and celebrates designs by its in-house designer Emily Rose.

Berry's Jewellers

The OPEIA Nova collection draws inspiration from the night sky, and the final portfolio of OPEIA designs is inspired by shooting stars, comets and other cosmic phenomena that are brought to life in the flowing designs of the range, which is named after the constellation of Cassiopeia.

Designer Emily Rose says of the extended collection, “The collection is contemporary, yet timeless, and is designed to capture attention, with flowing, curved designs adorned with diamonds for that showstopping lustre.”