Lily Gabriella Jewellery seeks to expand wholesale arm


Lily Gabriella Jewellery seeks to expand wholesale arm

November 2016 – Fine jewellery brand Lily Gabriella Jewellery is looking to expand its wholesale business in the UK, offering independent retail jewellers the oppor
tunity to work closely with the brand to create exclusive collections in addition to the existing ranges available.
Lily Gabriella Jewellery seeks to expand wholesale arm The luxury brand is currently sold through its own website and is also stocked in a small but growing selection of independent retail jewellers. Throughout the coming months, Lily Gabriella Jewellery will be promoted via a large PR campaign through multi-media and magazine channels, as well as events, to help position the brand for continued growth and raise its profile with UK consumers.

Martin Foster, director of Lily Gabriella UK, said: “One of the key motivating factors for wishing to establish the brand within key internationally renowned retailers is to introduce Lily Gabriella Jewellery to a wider demographic and to cater to their different needs. Each collection has a different aesthetic and price range, already attracting a diverse clientele yet never compromising on the quality of each piece as the production is completely hand-crafted by artisans.

“Another factor we can offer retailers is a bespoke service where they have the choice to collaborate on exclusive collections, targeting their clientele specifically. We can also give retailers with VIP and concierge services the opportunity for their customers to work with Lily Gabriella Jewellery to create their very own bespoke pieces.”

Lily Gabriella Fine Jewellery was founded in 2010 by Brazilian-born Lily Elia. Due to the growing interest in Lily Gabriella Jewellery, Elia chose to set up a UK company and relocate from Monaco to London in 2013 in order to build on this success and promote the Lily Gabriella Jewellery brand to a wider audience of buyers and customers.

With a degree in Fine Art and a degree in Gemmology from the GIA, Elia began by producing one-off pieces working with a small team of highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths based in Italy. She seamlessly combines the grace of European jewellery making with a Brazilian love of and flair for coloured stones and diamonds.

Her fine jewellery collections are produced in limited numbers by hand, in 18ct gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones. With influences that range from fine art to travel to modern architecture, her designs are avant-garde with the timeless quality of a future heirloom. Her jewellery reflects a life-long affair with gemstones and the creation of wearable art.