London Design Academy to air second online forum – ‘How to Develop Sustainability of National Craftsmanship’


The London Design Academy (LDA) continues a global educational debate this weekend with the second in a series of online global forums, “East and West Dialogue: One World One Dream,  ‘How to Develop the Sustainability of National Craftsmanship'”  live online on Saturday 29 August 2020 at 9.30 am UK time.

With the world facing unprecedented economic and social challenges in the aftermath of COVID-19, these forums are themed to the vital role of education in linking the arts to industry. This second  forum focuses on how the skills of the artisan can be protected and developed in the post pandemic era.

The keynote panellists will be Peter Ting, Trustee of The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST and ceramic designer, and Victor Li from MomsHandsworks Foundation.

Peter Ting’s artwork has been collected by the V&A Museum and the Pearl Lam Galleries. Peter brings creative solutions to international luxury brands and retailers including Legle Porcelain, Royal Crown Derby Porcelain, Asprey, Garrard, Harrods, Liberty, etc. He presents British craftsmanship to America, brings French brands to Asia, collaborates creativity with commercials, and aids the merging of oriental heritage successfully with western culture.

Victor Li is Founder of MomHandsworks from China Women’s Development Foundation, Chairman of Ant Power Fund, Vice President of Beifa Group. MomHandsworks foundation is the largest foundation in developing Chinese traditional craftsmanship and its social impact.

Commenting on the importance of craftmanship in today’s world, Peter Ting, QEST Trustee and ceramics designer,  says: “In 1997, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to explore 3D printing in Ceramics Production by QEST- Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, the charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holders Association. Little did I think that 23 years later I would be discussing Craft with a Chinese audience on behalf of  QEST as one of their Trustees. For me Craft is everything, from how you tie your shoelaces to making a moon cake. It is part of one’s life. The making of things, consuming things that are made, appreciating how things are made. This unique combination of hands, heart and head can create soul-satisfying objects. No matter where we are in the world, Craft exists, and it brings people together.”

The London Design Academy, an educational group based in London, has been founded by the award-winning international designer and artist, Isabella Liu, who was previously an Influencer/Ambassador for the China Britain International Design Week and the British Council in Asia. It is dedicated to not only providing a cultural bridge between academia and industry, but also to delivering international arts and design education together with mentoring and cultural exchange studies. Tapping into Isabella’s extensive experience of both Asia and Europe, the LDA is deeply rooted in the cultures of both the East and the West, with a second-to none network of contacts.

Isabella Liu explains: “This second London Design Academy forum will draw on the panellists’ unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the national craft skills to debate the current challenges facing the sector in the West and East, and debate how we can work more closely together to create future opportunities”.

The conversation, which will be led and curated by Isabella Liu, is attracting international interest from designers, industry, and cultural and academic institutions.

Taking place from  9.30am  to 11.00am UK time  attendees can register for a Zoom call via the LDA website, which will allow participants to ask the experts questions and access live translations. Alternatively, attendees can follow the debate on Facebook or Youtube live events. Videos of the event also will be available subsequently on the LDA website and social media


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Peter Ting