Lucy Quartermaine launches new Armour Ring


Award-winning designer Lucy Quartermaine has launched her newest armour ring, part of her Waterfall collection and ‘Be Unique’ campaign.

The designer has launched one design per year since AW15, due to the increasing popularity with retailers and end consumer. The Lucy Quartermaine brand now holds five armour ring designs from her Drop, Splash, Element and Waterfall collections.

The designer brand has seen a consistent rise in sales for the variety of designs. Retail partners and end consumer have requested to see more armour rings, which Lucy Quartermaine has listened to and developed on.

The newest design to the brand, sits within their Waterfall collection. The armour ring is hinged three times proving to be a comfortable and stylish wear. The contemporary look and unique design are perfect for the modern-day siren. Inspiration for the waterfall collections comes from Lucy’s favourite place in the Lake District. She spent her childhood taking trips to a waterfall she held close to her heart. She continues this tradition now with her own children.

Lucy Quartermaine launches new Armour Ring