INDUSTRY NEWS – Luxury alternative investment platform, LUXUS, announces third-party valuation partnership with IGI


LUXUS, a luxury alternative investment platform specializing in precious gems and high jewelry, has announced its partnership with the International Gemological Institute (IGI), a leader in jewelry grading. IGI will serve as the independent valuation partner to LUXUS and provide valuation services across all the precious gems and high jewelry listed on the platform.


IGI is a leader in diamond and jewelry grading, operating in 20 laboratory locations around the world. Through the partnership, IGI will produce appraisal reports for all relevant assets on the LUXUS platform, delivering retail replacement value and grading attributes as well as authentication of assets. The evaluation team at IGI will work directly with LUXUS to provide proof of authenticity and market value for each piece of jewelry listed on the LUXUS investment platform. 

“IGI provides the first-rate expertise necessary to put the highest caliber diamonds, other precious gems and jewelry, in the hands of investors on the LUXUS platform,” Dana Auslander, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LUXUS, said. “On top of opening the door for investors to partake in ownership of the world’s rarest assets, we’re working directly with an industry leader in jewelry grading to ensure our assets are best-in-class and the IPO valuation is at the best possible price.” 

Additionally, IGI offers educational training on jewelry grading, gemology, and the diamond industry, through webinars, e-learning courses, and in-person classes. As LUXUS’ first content partner, IGI will provide LUXUS with access to their library of digital educational resources and allow LUXUS to incorporate the content into their web-based applications. LUXUS will also use IGI’s extensive library to educate the investment community on the place of precious gems and high jewelry as portfolio diversification and inflation-hedging securities.

“This partnership with LUXUS allows us to leverage our diversified audiences and grow their understanding of the value of diamonds and gemstones,” said Avi Levy, President of IGI North America. “We are excited about what our partnership means for the future of the industry as new investors and jewelry enthusiasts are introduced to this new asset class.”

LUXUS launched in May 2022 with its inaugural asset, the Rare Pink Argyle Diamond, in partnership with Kwiat and Fred Leighton. This partnership to introduce their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) created an opportunity for all investors to participate in this new asset class as well as set a precedent to attract luxury brands to partake in the securitization of other treasured assets in the luxury space.