Mastercut Diamond to use Fairtrade gold in all of its jewellery


Sales Manager Colette Gibbons tells Jewellery Outlook about Mastercut Diamond’s successes in 2015. The brand, known for its unique and exclusive Mastercut, now reports 52 stockists within the UK and nine bridal collections.

Q: What was the highlight of 2015 for Mastercut Diamond?

A: “This year Mastercut Diamond introduced Fairtrade gold into its collections and moving forward all of our jewellery will be made using only Fairtrade gold. We embarked on a trip to the Nsangano mine in Tanzania this year to visit the African mines going through their Fairtrade accreditation process. It was a fantastic experience to see the positive impact that Fairtrade is having on miners and their communities and we are thrilled to be part of that. With this in mind we are hoping to highlight the importance and need for Fairtrade gold to retailers and customers alike. ”

Mastercut Diamond to use Fairtrade gold in all of its jewellery
Q:   What were the bestselling collections?

A: “Our Vintage collection has been the bestselling and most popular Mastercut collection for several years now, as this is the most statement and unique of our ranges. The earrings and pendants within the collection were also popular.”

Q: What piece or collection received the most interest from the trade?

A:“Alongside the Grace Twist ring, we have always had great interest in the Mastercut Tiara which we offer as an incentive for customers considering a Mastercut engagement ring. The Tiara certainly gives the brides-to-be an extra added excitement about their engagement ring and the brand.”
Mastercut Diamond to use Fairtrade gold in all of its jewellery
Q: What are the plans for Mastercut Diamond in 2016?

A: “We are looking to expand the range with new styles, including some pieces that are a departure from our classic signature design and offer something with a bit of a twist!”