Meylor Global offers extraordinarily large laboratory-grown diamonds and LGD jewellery with customised cuts


Meylor Global supplies exceptionally large laboratory-grown diamonds with high colour and clarity using HPHT technology, as well as extraordinary jewellery designs featuring lab-grown diamonds with customised cuts, Meylor Global CEO Yuliya Kusher tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.


What is the unique offering of Meylor Global in terms of the supply of laboratory-grown diamonds and lab- grown diamond jewellery?

Our company owns unique technology for growing the largest extra pure diamonds of luxury quality.

The technological process is based on the latest developments of the HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) method. As a result, our purest diamonds have the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties and physical properties as mined diamonds.

HPHT technology for Lab Grown Diamonds

Our company offers the purest lab-grown diamonds of unique big sizes.

We are the current record holders, according to Guinness World Records: we produced the largest lab-grown diamond ever grown – a 109.81 ct rough Black diamond.

One more unique result — a polished 20.22 ct Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange diamond was grown in our production facilities.

bright yellow extra large single-crystal diamond

Both exceptionally large laboratory-grown diamonds have surprising qualitative characteristics as well.

Now our designers are in the process of creating unique and impressive jewellery collections with our big lab-grown diamonds.

What types of lab grown diamonds, in terms of colour or cut, are your best sellers? In which markets?

Nowadays, colourless E,F, round and fancy shapes (oval, pear shape, cushion) 2-3 ct diamonds are the best sellers in the U.S. market.

fancy shapes diamonds

How important is it that your production of lab-grown diamonds have grading reports from leading laboratory groups? What does this mean in terms of the quality and authenticity of your production?

International laboratories confirm that the created diamond has the same optical and physical properties as a natural diamond, including its chemical composition, refractive index and 4C’s.

The only difference is its point of origin.

Our diamonds are graded to the same specifications as natural diamonds and are accompanied by Diamond Grading Reports from leading independent laboratories such as GIA, IGI, HRD etc.

The number of the unique report of each certified diamond is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the stone.

It is important because it gives reassurance to customers.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has launched its new grading reports for lab-grown diamonds and will print its standard colour and clarity grades.

This means that diamond customers will be able to obtain trusted lab reports on lab-grown diamonds, just as they do with mined diamonds, and so lab-grown diamonds are fully recognized in the diamond market.

GIA grading reportsMeylor Global has the largest HPHT diamond in the world. Please tell us about this stone and your plans for it?

We produced the largest lab-grown diamond in the world, which was approved by Guinness World Records. Our largest uncut diamond weighed 109.81 ct, black colour, and was grown in 357 hours under a specially developed high-pressure technique.

The diamond was thoroughly analyzed, measured and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Now the challenge for us is to grow a bigger one next time!

One of the options we have for this diamond, is to sell it at auction as a rough diamond.

Also, we are thinking about manufacturing a big diamond plate for industrial use from this rough diamond. This is a growing industrial application with a great future.


Lab Grown Black diamond

What type of customers is Meylor Global looking to increasingly attract in the global jewellery industry, and what are your strengths as a supplier in a highly competitive market?

Our customers are Millennials, who are looking for alternative products and understand the purity and value of lab-grown diamonds. They prefer highly technological products and appreciate that lab-grown diamonds do not harm the environment.

Our main strength is that we supply the biggest sizes of lab-grown diamonds in high colour and with high clarity.

We have two growing plants and cutting facilities, so we can customize cuts and shapes in line with clients’ requirements.

Meylor Global also grows unique bio memorial diamonds.

The only difference between natural diamonds and bio memorial diamonds is their origin: specifically selected and transformed organic remains are used for bio memorial diamonds, instead of carbon sources found in a mine, for example.

Our bio memorial diamonds are made from different organic materials, for instance hair, wood, pets’ or human cremation ashes.

Are you increasingly embracing digital technologies in your supply chain, your pricing and in reaching out to customers?

Our company is rather young and progressive. We are communicating with our customers mostly by social media.

Nowadays Millennials do everything via mobile phones, so our stones are sold on online platforms as well as at showrooms and exhibitions.

We have a well- organized, automatic digital system for our diamonds accounting.

We are increasingly embracing digital technologies in our work: we believe it is our future.

Soon leading gemmological laboratory groups will use only digital diamond reports, and will no longer use printed paper certificates.

We also try to avoid using printed paper documents, and we are in the process of creating our own digital system, whereby with the help of a QR code our clients will be able to see the diamond report and the unique “passport” of jewelry items that they have bought.

Key contacts at Meylor Global:

Phone: +380969825754